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Originally Posted by hptechnician View Post
In my 2008 5.7 quad cab, I get about 11.5 mpg around town, 13 or so highway. My truck is all stock except for the toolbox in the bed, but there isn't much in it.

My truck has 48,000 miles and I've never changed the spark plugs. Do you think changing the spark plugs would help the fuel economy? I'm not expecting 20 mpg, but I'd like to see it closer to 15 mpg. Also, when towing my 5,500 lb camper (with weight dist hitch) the mpg drops to around 9. I do live in WV so I don't expect towing my camper through the mountains to get great gas mileage. but I would think 10 - 11 would be normal while towing.

Lastly, can anyone suggest the best plug for my application?
Yes, change your plugs. They're supposed to be changed every 30k. And just use regular champion or ngk coppers. Don't use the iridiums. Coppers run best in a hemi.

Just for reference, we have basically identical trucks. Mine is an 08 5.7 quad cab 4wd with 45k miles. And when I had my stock wheels on, I've averaged 21mpg on highway road trips. Even with my 35s now I still get around 17-18 highway.
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