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I am taking the same decision right in this moment.
I was interest to become a Rhino Linings dealer in Italy back in 1998 so i know this product rather well.
Yesterday i went to meet a Rhino Linings sprayer in San Jose Costa Rica and he did a nice job on his own truck.
The liner was rather hard (harder than i remember) and has a nice non-skid surface like 40 grit sanding paper.
Some people complain that Rhino Linings is too soft/elastic and that line-x is much tougher.
As i don't load rocks, gravel or similar stuff in my trucks bed i think Rhino Linings is enough sturdy for my use.
I need it mainly to avoid that the drop-in bed liner scuff-off the pain inside the bed.

It seems to be the consensus that linex-x is better and tougher for hard core applications.

The price was very nicly low for the expensive life here: 650$ for black Rhino Lining the whole 6.4ft truck bed floor and walls including bed caps.

You may go to see your local dealers to see how well they work!

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