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I thought people only bought diesel trucks to lift and put -44 26" wheels on...

Originally Posted by Diller View Post
Because the cooling systems are so efficient (and huge) on the heavy duty trucks, when unloaded, the cylinders never get hot enough to burn off all fuel. This causes fuel to contaminate the oil, removes oil film from cylinder walls, adds soot to the turbo and injector tips, and can cause issues with the emissions systems on modern trucks. Newer trucks have design features to help mitigate some of these issues but a diesel truck is most efficient when loaded.
Never had a problem with having a diesel and not towing, but what you're saying makes sense. The short trips are what kill diesels (unless you always have a load). We have turbo's go out on the rig trucks we have - some the FE's fault and others are just bad design. Ford put the DPF system on and it will only clean out when you're rolling. When we pull up to rig we might idle for 5 minutes or 5 hours so we don't have the option to go drive down the road. The FE's tell me that they had a couple 6.7 Ram's and they couldn't keep them out of the shop so that's why we run Ford only.
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