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Originally Posted by Marley3991 View Post
First off I want to say I am learning as I go with this vehicle. When i first start the truck to warm up, it takes about 15 secs before you start to here the rattling and it sounds like it is coming from under my seat. It does eventually go away, I figured she's old even I have trouble gettin going. Another thing that bothers me is how long she takes to warm up when it's really cold out. We have been in the single digits I let her run for 45 min and she never got warm the temperature gage on the dash never made it past the 130. I had to push on the gas until my RPMs was at 2 for 15 min and it only got to the second line. Any ideas maybe they go hand in hand.
Not sure about the rattle, I have a mystery rattle as well, but the heat is either your heatercore is bad or you have a 180 or even a 160 thermostat in there. I have a 180 in mine and it will not reach that while driving in these temps. Sitting still it takes about 20-30 mins to reach 180 and cycle there. I am really impressed with my set-up for summer driving, lol, the aftermarket thermostat kicks the electric fan on right at 180, but sucks in the winter.

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