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Originally Posted by SyN View Post
O'Malley: Only you can answer these questions!
Most would be scared and just Say: Leave it alone.

My Question to U is: How many more years do U plan on being the owner of this same Ram?

If 1 or 2 more years? I would honestly say just save your money & drive it! They say it is full for life fluid, I will pretend to be brainwashed and ignore all service that probably should have been done already.

If you say: For many more years to come with many more miles accumulating very rapidly!
I would honestly say with a straight & serious face you might want to shake that $$$ Tree today!
We need to spend a very large amount of it on a Pan/Filter & Expensive Fluid!

Most 8HP70 owners would honestly ignore my thoughts/opinions! Which is perfectly fine! I will still be driving this very same Ram in 5-10 years. Also you half to understand where this is all coming from.
I am not one of those gullible/na´ve owners who believe just by installing a CAI: I can gain 10 to 20 more horsepower at the rear wheels.

Here are my next 2 projects scheduled for my 8HP70 @ the 50K mile mark.
I will have the drivers side exhaust moved from below the pan & rerouted.
Then install the New Pan & Filter & Refill with RL D6 & replace my spin-on transmission filter again. (My first filter change will be at 25K miles!)

New Pan:
Heavy-Duty Aluminum Transmission Pan - Ram 1500 (ZF 8HP70) [228053000] - $329.99 : Pacific Performance Engineering, Innovations in Diesel Performance
i get what you are doing. here is my 2 cents. there is no right or wrong. i like that aluminum pan btw. pm will never hurt as long as it is done correctly. that being said, far as i know, there isnt any pm to be done to internal sensors. that, imo, is where most issues will happen. my other thought is, how does FCA define "lifetime" when it come to the trans.
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