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Originally Posted by clh1220 View Post
Didn't say it was a waist of time or money for you. It is for me and anybody with a lifetime warranty. Just a difference of opinion. I didn't say you were wrong or I was right. If you want to come back with another pissed off post. Have fun with that,but you took it all wrong.
No No No! I'm very far away from pissed off! That's for the younger generation. Just the opposite for myself.

I don't have the lifetime warranty nor would I want to have to fight my local dealer for any of that warranty work to be done. I will leave that drama for the females on Facebook!

I do once again apologize! As well as for misreading your post!

I will say also: Todd the ZF tech I chatted with for over 35 min enlightened me with information I already knew---->There is no Lifetime fluid.
This Transmission should be serviced around the 60k mile mark. (That is ZF recommendation!) Not Required but Recommended! You decide whether or not You know more about this transmission then those that built it! (Built it not Sold it).
This so called Holy Elixer Expensive A$$ Special ZF fluid is not even a Full synthetic base. It's all about Profit! $$$$ Show us they Money!!!!

I'm only doing what is in my best interest as well as the mechanical depenabilaty of my Rams drivetrain & sharing that info. But None of this is done without hours/hours of research behind it.

2014 Bighorn QC 4WD 5.7L 8HP70 3:92 Anti-Slip "Black & Chrome"
Oil: 5Qts (GTL) M1 Euro FS 0W-40 / 2Qts Mobil 1 EP 0W-20-->Combo w/RP Filter
Front / 8HP70 / T-Case / Rear: RL 75W-90 / RL D6 / RL D6 / RL 75W-140/90 Mix
Air: AEM (Dry-Flow) Drop-In Coolant: Peak Global Lifetime/RMI-25 Mileage: 22,851

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