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Ram Year: 2014
Engine: 5.7L -->Mr. VooDoo
Looks like the Plastic Pan and Filter are 1 Unit. OUCH! $$$$

Sounds like--> Severe Service=35K - 40K Miles Normal Service=60K miles

No other way around it-->If you have plans on keeping this auto for many years to come. Your going to have to spend some $$ to service this transmission--->If you are anal about things you spend a lot of your hard earned $$$ on.

If Not? Just drive it until it quits and leaves you stranded.

2014 Bighorn SLT 1500 QC 4WD 5.7L BW44-44 8HP70 3:92s w/Anti-Slip!
Oil: 6Qts PUP SRT 0W-40 / 1Qt (GTL) PUP 5W-30 & 4oz ZDDPlus w/FU Filter!
Front -8HP70/T Case- Rear: RL 75W-90 - Red Line D6 ATF - RL 75W-140/90 Mix!
Coolant: Peak Global Lifetime w/RMI-25 Air: AEM Drop In {Dry-Flow}! No CAI!
Fuel: (Shell) 89 w/6oz TCW3 or 24oz Soy Ultra / Neutra! Mileage: 25,450

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