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Ram Year: 2017
Engine: 6.7L CTD
Lonewolf: My Ram come with the 8HP70! I'm not worried about any other.

I know I am worrying about really nothing right now. My 8 Speed only has 485 miles on her. I'm sure by the time I reach 50K miles, I will have come across accurate information on the correct way to service and time of service on this transmssion.

I do know the ZF fluid is NOT CHEAP! & The Plastic Pan and Filter are 1 unit!

Moparman: If I ever come across that information! I will share with you! Please do the same with me!

I keep hearing and seeing it is a Life Time Fill! Ya never have to service it until it blows up on you.! I will never let this happen If I can prevent it.

Like I said-->I'm worrying about something that I really don't have to worry about until the 40K-50K mile mark.

I'm one who always likes to be prepared for the Unexpected! I only hope this is a service I can do in the drive way... I don't like being Butt Raped by the Dealer and charged $800 for a job I can do for $300.

2017 Bighorn 2500 CC 4WD 6.7L CTD BW44~46 68RFE 3:42s w/Anti-Slip
Oil: 12Qts Chevron Delo 400LE 5W~40 & 4oz ZDDPlus w/Royal Purple Filter!
Front -68RFE/T Case- Rear: RL 75W-90 - Red Line C+ ATF - RL 75W-140/90 Mix!
Coolant: OEM for now w/RMI-25 Air Filter: OEM for Now ~ No CAI!
Fuel: (Shell) w/12oz TCW3 or 24oz Soy Shield Mileage: 137

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