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Originally Posted by ct18 View Post
Paint looks great. I did the same thing when i had my black f150 and when i traded in on my Ram the salesman was amazed at the age and millage of the truck. I did the same basic set up but with the porter cable DA, love the Megs 105/205 combo. I also went with the Coli on the black and it really popped. I have since continued my sickness into a little side business. The clay bar process is as important as they get.
Clay process is one that takes a bit of practice, but it's immensely important. I vastly underestimated how much contamination would be on a brand new truck.

I just received my new order from Needed some more detailing towels, some glass towels and some drying towels. They even threw in a microfiber mitt. Can't wait to try them out next weekend.

Really can't say enough about the company. Great people to deal with and an AWESOME product.


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