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Ram 2500 Hemi vs 3500 SRW Cummins

This is a discussion on Ram 2500 Hemi vs 3500 SRW Cummins within the Towing & Hauling forums, part of the 4th Gen : 2009 - Present category!
Originally Posted by BossHogg Yoda - you work on them and I used to design them, well, I was a ...

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Originally Posted by BossHogg View Post
Yoda - you work on them and I used to design them, well, I was a powertrain engineer that worked on teams (one of hundreds of folks) that designed diesel, gas, and hybrid powertrains (GM retired).

My point was, you may work on one here and there but keep focused the 10s of thousands that never had an issue. Using a DEF system as justification not to buy a diesel, well, it isn't a good reason as I was attempting to point out.

There are many reasons that will put a gas powertrain into limp-home mode too.
Yes I sometimes tell people who ask my advice about a vehicle, what vehicles to stay away from, but then again I only see the problem vehicles, I realize there are probably many many on the road that never have an issue. I only see the ones with problems so it may seem more of an issue than it is in reality.
My main issue I have with the new diesels is not the manufactures fault, my issue is the way the feds mandated they are completely shut down if there is a problem with the DEF system.
Anything that can fail will. Only the diesel Def systems,(as mandated by the feds), is to not able to be driven to even get home, if there is any problem at all. You get 150 miles, That's it!
That was point in my first post. Knowing the complexity of these systems worries me.
Sometimes it would be nice to not know all the things that could leave you dead on the road. Probably my OCD kickin in LOL

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Originally Posted by yoda View Post
Sometimes it would be nice to not know all the things that could leave you dead on the road. Probably my OCD kickin in LOL
No OCD, if everyone knew what we know they would take a second look at plopping down their hard-earned bucks for a new vehicle.

In reality, I've only been stranded by a vehicle once, 1988 Thunderbird, the serpentine tensioner broke. The dealer came out, towed the vehicle and set me up with a loaner. I also had a 2003 Tahoe Z71 that had a bad habit of falsely setting a throttle pedal DTC causing limp mode. I had a way of entering the vehicle and bumping the accelerator while starting the engine. The DTC would clear after 20 ignition cycles, after the second time, I picked up a code reader and cleared the DTC so I could drive on.

I should also point out that I drive most of my vehicles well past 160,000 miles, the Taho hit 300,000 before I retired it. Knowing what can go wrong versus what goes wrong, well.

2013 RAM 1500 CC Hemi Laramie 4x4 in Cherry Red
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I had a 87 Lebaron coupe 2.2 Turbo. I replaced the headgasket and timing belt,I thought to myself, maybe I should put a water pump in it as long as I have it apart.
The reman mopar water pump failed within about 200 miles and left me stranded.
The worse part is there was nothing wrong with the original pump, I thought I was being proactive. LOL
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@bosshogg i got one for ya, the day i bought my first car, 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger 318 it died on me on I-5 North leaving Seattle in the Center lane. luckily my brother was with me so we had to push it into the middle area between the slow lane and the exit lane. during rush hour.
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I just traded in my 1500 5.7 for a 2500 6.4 and man it's a monster. I love it. I wanted a CTD but was too expensive and diesels scare me bc I don't know anything about them. Yes diesels are known to last long but there are some that conk out fast too. I opted for the 6.4 bc it was a Gasser, fit my budget and is built to last a long time. Hoping to get over 350k miles out of it. My 4.7 has 221k miles on it now and still running strong.

2017 RAM 2500 Tradesman 6.4L CCLB 4x4
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