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1984 D150 fender mounted boxes are melting

This is a discussion on 1984 D150 fender mounted boxes are melting within the Audio & Electronics forums, part of the 1st Gen : 1981 - 1993 category!
So these boxes are something to do with a delay circuit for the ESA (electronic spark advance?) and egr (exhaust ...

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Default 1984 D150 fender mounted boxes are melting
So these boxes are something to do with a delay circuit for the ESA (electronic spark advance?) and egr (exhaust gas recirculator). But what exactly do these boxes do?

To put it bluntly, I need to know if they're important or not, because they are melting, and I cannot find replacements. I'd like to know the function they serve, because my dad's '83 D150 does not have these boxes. Strangely, the engine is truck is blue, mine is black.



You can see the goo puddling below, it was green before the rain hit it. Just got the truck, it's a great truck, but it needs a few things, as any 32 year old vehicle likely will. Don't ask about the other red wire, it's some mess the previous owner made by adding a Neon fuse / relay box and running the headlights, fog lights, and an air horn through it.

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Well, first of all photo bucket is a pain to use from a link. But if the little silver box on the fender well is what you are referring to, I think that is a horn relay. If so the reason it is melting is probably the air horn is pulling too many amps. Or the Po wired it weird.

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it's hard for my old eyes to see, but the black box looks like an electronic voltage regulator. On cars, they are usually mounted on the firewall, right side of center. Is there a vacuum advance pot on the distributor? In the distributor is there just one pickup? Is there a lean burn computer box attached to the air cleaner? behind battery? it is largish, black, plastic, roughly rectangular box with a vacuum canister and vacuum hose attached to one end of it. My 86 d250 has a computerized spark advance computer located behind battery. Don't KNOW about yours.

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