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You replace the shocks yet?...

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Old 11-06-2016, 11:13 PM   #11 (permalink)
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You replace the shocks yet?

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1998 Ram 1500 4x4 QCSB, 360- ebay plenum, Cloyes 3028X, 14in Maggy, DIY CAI, DIY 50mm TB, TransGo shift kit, 285's, LED headlights, Ranch Hand Legend guardOctober 2014 - August 2015 TOTM Winner
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Hahaha uhh no... I've been sneaking back and forth to work with it cause my cars fucked but I finally found a 3" lift from Doetsch Tech, comes with their pre runner 8000s or whatever, such a pain in the ass. I also found some 18x9 Ballistic Rims and 33x12.5 Tires so now it's just a grind to scrape the money to get them. Trucks going for inspection tomorrow so hopefully I can have it all legal by the 1st of Dec hahaha.
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Ram Year: 1997
Engine: Magnum 3.9
Trucks in for Inspection. Got a text saying it needs a couple holes in the floor patched, another small patch on the frame (He said it should be patched but it could be fine), and a pitman arm (possible shake fix?) So he said he'll price it tomorrow and to shoot him a text around 10 to see how much my wallet hates me haha.
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Ram Year: 1997
Engine: Magnum 3.9
Well well well, almost 3 months later.
Hugenormus Update!!!!!!

It's been Inspected ($210), Registered ($75), and Insured ($55 a month). I have beaten the ever living piss out of the poor old thing since December 1st. I drove it for a bit just the way it was, Then I got the wise idea I wanted a Sun Visor/Moon Visor or whatever you'd like to call it.

I got one from my Grandfather for nothing. Problem was, it was off of an '84 Ford. So it was about 5-6" too long on each side. After a bit of persuasion and coaxing, a touch of hacking with a fancy Die Grinder, it was kinda sorta almost an acceptable fit. I got my brother to stand in front of the truck and guide me to a nice, tight, perfectly centered fit. Turns out he's an idiot and apparently cannot see straight. It was a very aggravating and very noticeable 2-3" off center. I got tired and cranky so I said fuck it and pounded the self tapping screws to er, stripped most of them. But then I had a Bright Red Stubby Visor. The Visor might have lasted a bit longer if I knew what I was doing and used a bit more care, but hey ya live ya learn. About a week later, Piss Cuttin' 80mph, it blew off into the trees someplace. And I was in no mood to look for the F'in Fuckin thing that day either. I wish I had a picture of how dumb it was, which was VERY.

It's had the odd thing replaced, Rear Brake Lines (Twice), Front Caliper, Brake Pads, Driver's Side Headlight (Son' Bitch Caught Fire and Esploded), and Tires, Lots of Tires.

I've drifted this thing in the snow so much it's stupid, definitely a Semi-Professional by now. Then one particular day Big Little Brother, Our Stoner Buddy and I decided it was a good idea to go down a shitty, slippy, unplowed road full of snow drifts which were FROZEN. We dicked 'er turning in the road, like literally the first 3 feet of road. I was showing off and tried to drift in and be all cool like, but there was ice, bare ice. After we got a tug out we headed for the 'Shittys'. 60ish mph was not a good idea down that road. But we were bouncing down the road almost jumping all the solid snow drifts, just havin' a grand ol' time, typical asshole teenager driving kinda stuff. Anyways we hit this one drift which didn't seem to be of concern but we launched in the air better part of 2 feet. My buddy went to brace himself for the landing and when he did that, he shoved his foot on top of mine which was on the gas pedal and that sent 'er wide open. When we landed it just spun sideways and hit a big drift, which wouldn't be that big of a deal but the drift was froze solid and we were on Two wheels for a respectable 6 seconds. Had to get The Big Blue Cummins to Haul us out.

But just wait, there's more.

About a week ago a bunch of us were all sittin' around in our trucks and it started to snow. So we did what was expected of us Hooligans, and we all started arsing around, drifting all over, and I thought 'Hey that loading ramp doesn't look all that steep, maybe I'll just plant her up there and be cool as fuck.' So I did. While it looked cool as fuck, I ran something over. Still not exactly sure what it was, it almost looked like a peice of brake line or something. Small steel tube like thing. Anyhow I didn't notice it at all so we parked back up to our spot and shot the shit for a while, it was like 4am and I was dead tired. I made the main drag and something was very not right. It was loud, almost a grinding noise. As it was 4am nobody was around, I stopped and hopped out to see if I could find anything obvious, I did. My tire flatter than piss on a platter, my good f'in tire too as it only spins one wheel (YOLO: You Only Leave One).

I was pissed, but I drove it home anyway and it was still on the rim so I went to bed.

Next morning hopped in the truck, completely oblivious to my completely flat tire and headed er for town. 4 seconds into my journey I remembered. about 10kmh made the usual 2 minute drive, a 15 minute drive. Figured I'd stop into one of the 3 Mechanic shops to get the tire plugged. Didn't Happen. Eventually I made it to my main Mechanic's place, without touching the rim on the ground at all might I add, and threw Two 245/75/16 Winter Tires off something in the junkyard, $40 mounted and all couldn't complain.

Finally I have acquired a Visor that's actually made for a Dodge, and it's even Black! This time I was patient and Triple checked that it was straight, and pounded the Self Tappers to it.

The next day I had a visit with my Uncle, whom had a nice Aluminum Diamond Plate Toolbox on his Chev. He didn't like how it sat with his Back Rack, so rather than tell him about the Toolbox Mounts they have, I took the Toolbox off his hands for him. I'm always trying to help out hahaha.

And that is where we are at now. I also found a 318, NV3500, Wiring Harness, Clutch, Flywheel, Clutch Slave Cylinder, Clutch Pedal Assemby, etc. Everything that I need for my 318 5spd swap except a computer, but that's not too difficult to find. I hope...
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Originally Posted by MackieChan View Post
. As long as you have posi and know how to drive you can make it just as far as a 4x4 in my opinion hahaha
Only people who have 2wd say that. Imagine what you could do if you "knew how to drive" and had four wheel drive.
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Originally Posted by FireRob View Post
Only people who have 2wd say that. Imagine what you could do if you "knew how to drive" and had four wheel drive.
Unreal things hahah, That's what 4 Wheel Peel is for, Shitty Drivers.
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Looks like you had a good time though!

BUILD THREAD--->>http://www.ramforum.com/f17/rzrman_r..._thread-90982/
2012 RAM 1500 CC...Express...5.7...RCX 6"...4WD...3.92...S&B Intake...Super 44 Flowmasters....and some other stuff....
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Ram Year: 1997
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Originally Posted by Rzrman328 View Post
Looks like you had a good time though!
For sure! Looking forward to more too!

I bought a Stubby Antenna for it (Just a Cheap Universal), mine is dickered. Should have the older style mirrors next week sometime hopefully. Nand New CB Radio is a few weeks away as well!
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Originally Posted by MackieChan View Post
long as you have posi and know how to drive you can make it just as far as a 4x4 in my opinion hahaha
I doubt that very much but 2wd with a locker and good tires will do much better than most people give it credit. Key is to keep the wheels straight and use momentum.

2006 Ram 1500 SLT Megacab
2" lift,33's,minor exhaust tweak. (For now)
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Old 02-11-2017, 03:37 AM   #20 (permalink)
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Ram Year: 1997
Engine: Magnum 3.9
I hated the Chrome grill and that weird Grey bumper, so I figured why not black it out? Low Dollar, Huge Difference.
I read that you're supposed to sand the chrome completely off until the Plastic shows up. Well fuck that, it took an Hour and a Half with the half assed job I did.

I laid down 2 very thin base coats to hopefully help it stick better.

I think it was about 4 or 5 coats in total, But here's how that turned out.

The thing looked RIDICULOUS driving up and down Main Street all day without a bumper or grill haha
(Yes that is a Male G-String on the rear view, it also has a crab in it. Because Randy has crabs.)

I let the Grill dry for a little under 24 hours or so then slapped it on while I painted the bumper, which took a bit longer than expected due to taking off on the wheelers all day. So I rocked the Rally Ram look for a day or two, the little V6 looked mean without a bumper.

Finally I started on the bumper, I had intentions of straightening it and sanding it from 80 grit down to 400 and having it semi smooth. Then I seen the corners of the actual bumper, which were hidden by the bottom plastic piece, and it was rotten. So I beat the dents out, which were cause by an altercation with a Ranger and Ice, scuffed it up, hit the bad spots with a few generous globs of rust converter, then laid a few thin coats. Ended up finishing off a whole can of paint on it just because, 6 coats or so.

The morning after the bumper was finished I was heading somewhere and decided I would throw the bumper on right quick. -31C with the wind chill.. the bumper got half ass tightened to the truck. Which reminds me, I still never finished tightening it. Oh well it's still on there.

It's coming together more and more each day, but it's also falling apart more and more each day. While attempting to remove my bumper the first time, via a stubby ratchet and the only 18mm socket in Bumblefuck (happened to be shallow, I needed a deep socket), I slipped. When I slipped I had reached out for the truck to catch myself, and kinda, sorta, probably, fell through the driver's side fender. The passengers side I was trying to remove the fender liner's clips with a flat head screwdriver, got pissed off and just yanked it out... Along with part of the fender. I figured it would be full of bondo when I bought it, but it was FULL of bondo. From the flare on the wheel well to the very bottom of the fucking thing. Just a solid line of shit bodywork, inner fenders are also rotted out. But I'll just buy new fenders and have a blast trying to install them.

Anywho, here's some photography of the Hooptie!

The blacks don't match. There's rough spots. It probably won't last, but ya gotta learn somehow.

Also, tonight whilst drifting around in the snow, blew another fucking brake line. Pretty sure it's the same as last time but I'm not sure.
My bypass hose has a crack in it, so it leaks antifreeze. I'm usually on top of keeping it full but apparently not tonight. She got WARM.
Rear end is still trying to esplode itself but hasn't yet.
Still haven't attempted to figure out which Speed Sensor I need to fix my Speedo.
318 swap time is getting closer and closer, and ideas of what I'm going to do to the motor are all over the place.
I need Drum Shoes and have for quite some time.

Basically I'm gonna be living off of Mr.Noodles and NoName Kool-Aid for a while.
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1997 3.9 2wd 1500 v6

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