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How Much do you Love or Hate your 4 Gen?

This is a discussion on How Much do you Love or Hate your 4 Gen? within the General Discussions forums, part of the 4th Gen : 2009 - Present category!
OK, now these 4 Gens have been out for a long while now, plenty long enough for guys/gals to have ...

View Poll Results: Satisfaction with your 4 gen Ram?
1-2 ...how come I can't put a zero, I hate this thing. 1 0.34%
3-4 ...not very satisfied with Ram 11 3.70%
5-6 ...it is ok but plenty room for improvement 22 7.41%
7-8 ...I really like the Ram 112 37.71%
9-10...the best I've owned 151 50.84%
Voters: 297. You may not vote on this poll

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Ram Year: 2010 Hemi Reg Cab 4x4
Engine: Hemi
Default How Much do you Love or Hate your 4 Gen?
OK, now these 4 Gens have been out for a long while now, plenty long enough for guys/gals to have formulated long term thoughts on the quality and comfort of these Rams. Considering everything you want in a vehicle, how has Ram delivered or failed to deliver on your expectations. I have owned probably near 20 vehicles, at least 6 or 7 brand new, mostly trucks or SUV's, and I have to admit Ram is way up there on my satisfaction list, top 2 for sure. I even had a 3 gen Cummins and that also was way up there in quality, all though I had to sell it due to it was a 5-speed and I had a knee problem. Thoughts?

Rate 1 to 10 in satisfaction poll, ten being the best and one being the worst.

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Ram Year: 2013
Engine: Hemi 5.7
So far my Ram is easily the best vehicle I've ever owned. It's very comfortable, has a good amount of power, I can fit my entire family with luggage and kid related stuff inside comfortably, haul stuff in the bed, tow a relatively heavy trailer, it looks great, and get 20mpg on the highway. Pretty much the best of all worlds for me.

Even though it's got some quirky problems like a relatively noisy engine, cheap lug nuts, mediocre paint quality, and a questionable transfer case (BW44-44), I don't regret my decision at all. Very happy with my truck. I catch myself looking at it in the driveway more than I'd care to admit....
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Black 2013 Bighorn Crew Cab Hemi 65RFE 3.55s 4x4
Redline 5w30/RP 20-820 Filter, Redline C+, Redline Gear Oil, Hemifever 89 Tune/Jay Greene 93 for towing, BT OCC, Mufflex 24, front-Rancho Quicklifts/rear-Bilstein 5100s, Airlift 1000, Cooper AT3s, Mag-Hytec Trans Pan, OEM Backup Camera, Kicker Speaker upgrade, Extang Trifecta SS, Clazzio Seat Covers, Weathertech Floorliners, 35% tint, Gorilla Lugs, Nasta Stainless Running Boards
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Ram Year: 2016
Engine: Hemi 5.7
This is my third Ram. I had an '02, '05 and now a '16. I am very satisfied with this truck other than the paint quality.
The paint has a lot of shadowing in it. The dealer said they would fix it, but I do not trust dealership body shops, so for now I'll live with it. Other than that, I love the truck.
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Ram Year: 2015 R/T
Engine: 5.7L Hemi
I actually enjoy the R/T more than both my GT500 and SRT8 Challenger, strange but true. I mean just look at a cherry red metallic R/T and whats not to love, looks check sound (Magnaflow 14's) check, Lowered professionally check top notch polish/waxes used check well you get the idea. ANYONE that likes muscle cars/pony cars HAS TO LOVE the look of the R/T, hell you can't even compare the looks difference between a lifted and my lowered ride. Sorry but true and oh Merry Christmas.
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Where the $$$$ went, 14 MagnaFlow, 5% tint back 20% side windows, tonneau, sprayed box liner, Belltech 2/4, Spohn pan hard, Hellwig sways x2, catch can, Jba long tubes , Magnaflow y pipe, Vararam cai, Diablosport T1000, Hemifever tuned
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Ram Year: 2014
Engine: Hemi 6.4
Great value for the money compared to the competition. Definitely room for improvement with reliability and dealer support.
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Ram Year: 2011
Engine: 5.7
Love it.
Came from an 08. The ride is much better. Control is much better. Better in EVERY way.

RAM gave me a 400 HP reg cab. And i love the looks. Was a Chevy guy originally but until they put a 6.2 in a reg cab for me I'm a dodge guy. Never considered a ford....but I might in the future. A built bolt on 5.0 runs hard and they seemingly don't have too many trans issues.

It's also faster than my old stangs and a little more practical. Also Better on fuel believe it or not. I can drive it harder and get better returns on mpg.

Though...the tranny has me paranoid every time I fire it up it never used to....but lately for some reason.

I would almost consider a srt10 if it wasn't 2wd. Need 4wd here in Alberta. Id even accept the older interior.

2011 Brilliant Black RCSB 4x4 Ram
-Vararam with 87mm TB, 1.75" ARH Longtubes with 14" mufflex, BT Catch can, Diablo T-1000 91 oct tune, Some striping, 3.92s, 22" Alcoas for summer, Stock 20's winter, LSD...and more often than not a Pissed off driver!

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Join Date: Jan 2011
Name: steve
Age: 60
Posts: 1,859

Ram Year: 2016
Engine: hemi 5.7
i have had 2 3rd gens and now on #2 fourth gen. we have also had 5 jeeps thrown in the mix. i can easily say all chrysler products have been stellar. fiat will really have to do some damage to even get me into a ford or gmc dealership.
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Ram Year: 2014
Engine: Hemi 5.7
I am very satisfied with my truck. I have the 4x4 with the 5.7 , 3:92 LSD and the 8 speed and it's an awesome combo. The ride is awesome and I love the way it looks. I wish I would have bought a higher trim level but that's not the trucks fault. On a positive note my Express does have the good transfer case. Only complaints I have like everyone else are paint quality and body fitment. There's a small blotch in my hood you can see in the Sun that I brought to the Dealer's attention. They offered to fix it but I'd rather not have them screw with the paint on my truck. I have also had to have my box repositioned because it didn't fit correctly against the cab. I would give it an 8.5 to a 9.

2014 Quad Cab Express 4x4 3:92 LSD 8 speed
32 Gallon fuel tank, Premium Cluster, RA4 Upgrade,Heated /Ventilated Seats,Heated Wheel upgrade. Power sliding rear window,Homelink, 6" BDS lift Bilstein 5100 shocks set one notch up, 20x9 Chrome fuell Hostage wheels,Toyo Open Country AT Extreme 35x12.5x20 tires.
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Ram Year: 2014
Engine: 5.7
I have very little to complain about in this truck, easily the best vehicle I've own to date. There is nothing out there on the market after two years of ownership that makes me want to jump ship. I have it setup almost exactly like I dreamed, only thing left are aftermarket bumpers/winch and lights.

2014 Crewcab Outdoorsman
6" Rough Country Lift
20x10 Mayhem Warriors
35" Cooper ST Maxx
Leer QX100
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Ram Year: 2016
Engine: Hemi 5.7
I picked 8, but I do love my truck.
My last truck was a Ram as well. Some small things I don't like about the truck, but I am overall very happy with it.
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