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Ram 2500 Vibrations

This is a discussion on Ram 2500 Vibrations within the Lifted forums, part of the 4th Gen : 2009 - Present category!
Ok I have searched the board to see if anyone had already post this question before and I can't seem ...

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Default Ram 2500 Vibrations
Ok I have searched the board to see if anyone had already post this question before and I can't seem to find it. I am sure it is here somewhere.

Ok I have a shake when I drive it is not that bad, but others that ride with me say it is not like it was from when I first bought it. Below is what I have done to the truck since I bought it.

I have a Ram 2500 4X4 Mega Cab Diesel
I have added 2' coil spacers in the front to level it out, Dick Cepek 35X 12.50R20LT Fun Country Tires along with Mickey Thompson rims I have attached a picture.
I have also added for my enjoyment a HornBlaster Shocker Train Horn. I like to let people know I am at their house from a mile away.

Ok back to my issue. I went to talk to a local 4X4 Suspension store today and told the owner and the techs what was going on with my truck. I took it over there as I got a new air compressor for my horns as the compressor that was on it died. (I guess I use the horn too much) They said that I needed to put a 4" lift on it as the spacers are causing a weird angle on the front end and that is why I am having the vibrations. It made sense on what he was saying and he suggested several different options, but what he said the best would be is to add a 4" Superlift with 5100 Series Bilstein Shocks and a Steering Stabilizer Dual 5100 Series Bilstein. So he said that the steering stabilizer is not a must. To be honest I brought up the steering stablizer as I have a buddy of mine that added one to his truck and he said it sure helps. Is this something that would fix the problem as I don't want to just start throwing parts at my truck to see if it fixes the truck. I want it done right. I have other friends that take their jeeps and trucks to this place and trust the place, but I wanted to get you alls thoughts on it as well.

Also, it is about 3 grand to get it all done and as I look up and priced it all out that seems about right as I would not tackle this project as I have never done it before and I don't have all the tools to do it with so that price includes all the labor as well.

Also, if you are wondering about putting a train horn on your truck it is the best money spent. My wife loves riding with me and if she sees someone texting and driving she lets them know to get off the phone. Nothing drives me more crazy then when someone forgets that they are driving and is on their phone texting or checking FB. Pull over if it is that important. Ok I will get off my soap box about that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated to the vibrations.
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Tuned in. Makes sense many people have had issues with spacers on pretty much any style and size it is always a crap shoot.

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what sort of vibrations? - reread and saw you mention a shake while driving....are the tires balanced?

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id be hesitant about throwing parts at the truck in an attempt to fix it, like the shop wants, especially at the tune of $3,000. while a true lift is better then the coil spacers, i find it strange that that would be the cause of your problems (though not impossible), since there are quite a few people out there running them with no issue. dont think the steering stabilizer is going to fix it either. me personally, i would try to find/resolve the issue before adding a suspension lift. put your stock rims and tires back on. remove the level. try to isolate the problem. it would also help if you could explain more about the shake like where its felt and when you feel it, etc.

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More than likely it's an issue with balancing on the tires/wheels. It is far more common to have a vibration issue after a new tire/wheel package than after a leveling kit.


2012 Ram 2500 ST, Cummins, 4x4 crewcab. 5 inch RC lift, 35x12.50 Toyo MT's, 22x12 Fuel Mavericks, H&S XRT Programer, MBRP exhaust.
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Thanks for the feedback so far..... Ok I have had a alignment done when I put the new tires on in March. When I rotated the tires they checked the alignment and said I was still in good shape and that was about 3 months ago. The shocks are still factory shocks on the truck.

The vibration (shaking to my hand not too bad but you can feel it) is felt some in the steering wheel (10mph to 60mph) and others say they can feel it when they ride with me.
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the alignment wont do much for a vibration. did you have the vibration before you had the tires put on?
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i have a 2.5inch spacer with no vibrations whatsoever. Only a clunk and pop at times.

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The leveling kit likely has nothing to do with your vibration at all. The angles that are changed from a leveling kit simply aren't likely to do that. The only thing it would affect is the front pinion angle but that shouldn't be changed enough to cause an issue.

First thing I'd check is the balance on the wheels/tires. That's the most common place to get a vibration from. Next would be the fact that your wheels likely are lug centric, not hub centric which can create issues as well. A set of hub rings to center the wheel/tire on the hub properly will help with that. If there's still an issue after that I'd check your carrier bearing as your truck should have one being a mega cab. It would be odd that it's an issue as the back end is at stock height but they do wear out so it's possible.
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i've had a stuck brake caliper give me a shimmy while driving.
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