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Please help my truck won't run no spark if I can't get her running gf said it has to go ...

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Default Help!!!
Please help my truck won't run no spark if I can't get her running gf said it has to go I have a 98 ram 1500 318 v8 no spark tried crank sensor distributor new computer and a new battery nothing worked help please check gage light on

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What's the code it's throwing? Seeing as you changed the distributor you made life much more difficult. These trucks timing can't be set Ruth a light, pcm sets it. Pulling the distributor fucks the fuel sync though. Need to follow the distributor procedure in the factory service manual which can be downloaded from the site. That'll get you close enough to drive without any real issues.

As for your no spark, you've tried crank sensor which is a good place to start and pcm which is really the last thing lol. Does it crank fine? Might look at the cam pickup plate in the distributor and ohm check the coil to make sure it's not bad.


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Does it turn over really fast? Have you done a compression check? Really fast turn over and no spark generally =s timing chain broken or distributor incorrectly seated on the cam gear

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I second ohm-checking the ignition coil. You'll need a multimeter but testing the coil is very easy. If you're unlucky like me and the bolts between it and the mounting bracket are rust-welded, you'll have to remove it with the mounting bracket. One of the bracket bolts also passes through the belt tensioner, so you may have to remove the belt to relieve the pressure. Fortunately, the drive belt is super easy to remove on our trucks. You'll need a minimum 3/8 drive ratchet and I think a 15mm socket.

This page explains how to test the coil and what your readings should be. Good luck.

PS: If your woman isn't mechanically inclined and she wants the truck gone but you don't, just throw her a BS answer that the problem is simple and cheap to fix and you have mail-ordered a part, but will take a week to arrive. Worst case scenario if you don't have the truck running by then, just say that something else came up. What you do then will be up to you however. Women have patience if they don't know any better but are completely unyielding once they lose it, LOL.

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