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DEF usage ?

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Needle shows 3/4 tank. I bought it in January and have driven about 2200 miles....

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Ram Year: 2015
Engine: 6.7 CTD
Needle shows 3/4 tank. I bought it in January and have driven about 2200 miles.

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The harder you work it the more you will use. It really doesn't have much to do with mileage.

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Ram Year: 2015
Engine: cummins 6.7
I just bought a 2105 ram 3500 duelly 6.7 cummins. The first 2000 miles i ues about 1/4 tank of def. I then towed my 16000 lb fifth wheel 1800 miles. I used about 8 gallons of def and mileage averaged about 9 mpg. The truck has 30000 miles on it. Is this reasonable usage and mileage? My dealer in texas seemed to think this was normal usage.
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Engine: Diesel 6.7
I have a RV trailer weighing at around 8K lbs when fully loaded with water and camping stuff. I just drove from Oregon to California and I went through about 1/8 of DEF.

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Ram Year: 2016
Engine: 6.7
Default My usage
When I ordered my M16 ram 6.7 l, Aisin, 3.73, I was told DEF refill should be same as oil interval. Well I was uneducated at the time. I put 700 miles unloaded on the truck the DEF guage never moved. Then I hooked to my 40ft triple axle toy hauler loaded with 900lb water, two 1900cc motorcycles and supplies the guage broke full in 200 miles. By the time I made my 900 mile trip guage was on red... Woah.... So upon research of the SCR system newer diesels have. Seems DEF is added at around 2.5% of fuel consumption to convert NOx into nitrogen and vapor in the exhaust system... Its a wild chemesty lesson but looks like if u are hauling weight you're going to burn DEF noticeably..
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Ram Year: 2015
Engine: 6.7 Cummins Diesel
My new 2015 Ram 3500 Dually was using about 1 gallon every 1000 miles when towing 12000 Lbs. for the first 11,500 miles. Then on a trip it did not use any. About 12000 miles the check engine light came on. Message showin limp mode in 200 miles. Brought to dealee and warranty replacement of the Particulate filter (Cat.) Dealer removed the ammonia sensor and flashed the computer. Left and the next 600 plus miles, still no movement of the DEF gauge. Fuel milage increased to over 24 MPG unloaded highway including over 250 miles towing in town. Did not worry about the DEF, till the gauge went crazy and a soot cooker light came on and a message that it would go into limp mode again. Brought back to another dealer and was told the DEF pump would need to be replaced warranty. Still no gauge movement in 600 towing miles, including highway. Pretty sure I still have a problem. While I was at the dealer for warranty, a customer came in with a 2014 3500 Ram with 44,000 miles. Said he has had 3 Particulate filters and was there for his fourth pump. I now understan why the 2016 Rams only have a 60,000 mile warranty instead of the 100,000 warranty. Sounds like a DEF and EGR delete may be in order to turn this emissions basket into a reliable vehicle.
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Speaking of DEF, which brand do you guys use? A buddy of mine also has a 3500, and he said I better us Ultrapure or I'm asking for problems. He said his system needed to be replaced because he didn't use Ultrapure from the get go.
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Engine: Cummins
7000 miles on my truck and I've gone through about a tank and a half.

2016 2500 tradesman 6.7 4x4.
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