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Radar Detectors and Laser Jammers

This is a discussion on Radar Detectors and Laser Jammers within the Garage forums, part of the Dodge Ram General Forum category!
Originally Posted by Hootbro I guess I will be "that guy" and say I have not needed a radar detector ...

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Originally Posted by Hootbro View Post
I guess I will be "that guy" and say I have not needed a radar detector in close to 30+ years driving. Not driving like an idiot and staying with the flow of traffic has done wonders in staying out of trouble with the Police.

In my younger years when I was a more "spirited" driver, I had a radar detector and in hindsight was probably more of a hindrance in trying to get out of tickets in having it than not having it and driving more reasonable.
Originally Posted by ADUBIS View Post
I agree. Here in Virginia radar detectors are illegal anyway.
I agree too. Not acting and driving like an ass doesn't require a radar detector.

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So which one is best?

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Originally Posted by jljbtm View Post
So which one is best?

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That's a loaded question and going to depend on what features you want. Also how you drive and your knowledge of the detector. Some are feature rich like the escort max 360 but lack the range of something like the Valantine one some have better range but are more complicated to learn and understand how they operate there are a bunch of videos on YouTube that will help you to find what fits your driving style and ability to operate. I'd start there.

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LOL these are so '90s..

They are good for indicating where grocery doors are too!

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I bought a Cobra radar detector that was on clearance from Wal-Mart for some 30 bucks a few years back that I only got around to installing last summer. If I'm planning on driving north of 70, I'll switch it on, otherwise I leave it off. Overall, if there's a cop in the near area with his radar on, the Cobra will reliably see them but it picks up a lot of "false" signals in town even in "city" mode. Fortuneatly, I never speed in town (stupid anyway) so I just leave it off there.

As far as range goes, I suspect that it's a bit limited but it's good enough to provide an adequately advanced "hit the binders NOW" warning.

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