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    Wow are we back in the 90's?! Cause this shop talk about 10's being faster than 12's sure makes it sound like I've stumbled back into the early nineteen-90's....or a few here have been listening to sluggish, leaky enclosures their whole lives. The speed, punch, & accuracy of a subwoofer 10" or 12" is dependent on it's enclosure specifics period.
    with that being said, I've heard the Fox Box with two 10's (Alpine type r's) and it gets loud, rowdy, punches like a mule, but that's really about it. I wouldn't call my experience with that set up very musical. Now if you want a sub stage that has a lot of output in the high 40's-50 hz range (depending on sub choice) then the fox box is the right purchase....it would be great for rap, & R&B. I would personally choose a very nice 12". Say you have a subwoofer budget of $400....you get two $200 tens, or a $400 12".....if the 12" is set up for success (meaning the enclosure is spec'd perfect for said 12").....the 12" SOUNDS better. Not saying it has more output, punches harder or faster etc....but the over-all sound will be better and the 12" should dig deeper, sound richer, be more transparent, simply provide a better listening experience....I say a 12"....throw all the power you have at it (versus splitting power up to two 10's)
    and enjoy
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