2wd rear axle compatability?

Discussion in 'Suspension' started by fonzy, Nov 19, 2016.

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    I have a 1993 2wd reg cab long bed D-100 (1/2 ton) with 318 and O/D automatic.

    The rear end on this truck has a really low gear for towing from the factory and I want to change this for a more fuel friendly highway speed setup.

    the rear end I have is totally factory stuff, never been altered at all.

    I do not want to mess with changing out ring and pinion, but would rather pick up a used complete axle and bolt it in.

    Is there a rear end, 1st, 2nd, 3rd gen ram or chrysler car etc that would bolt right up to the springs, slide right on to the driveshaft and have 3.80-3.90 or so factory gearset?

    I need to know what years of trucks or other cars that I should hunt for in the wrecking yards etc to find what I need.

    thanks a bunch!
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    what gears do you got and which gears do you thing you want? what speed do you plan on going and how hilly is it? from the factory the truck likely came with 3.55 which should cruise pretty nicely on the highway at about 60-70mph. it is also about the best setup to keep your truck ready to work when needed. as far as axles go you can get one out of almost any 80's ram truck.
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    Take a look at the cover on your rear,. if it has 10 bolts and is round you have an 8.25, if it looks like a stop sign and has 12 bolts it's an 9.25.
    Your 93 with a 5.2( 318) most likely has a 3.21 geared 8.25, that was the stock rear on your truck, option was 3.55 , I honestly don't remember if you could get a 3.90s from the factory in the 8.25 rear, I know the 9.25 you could.
    manual trucks got the 9.25 with 3.55s.
    5.9(360) got the 9.25 rear stock. you could option the 9.25 rear in your truck, so there is a chance , remember this was back when you could pick and chose a lot of different combos.
    Any 8.25 or 9.25 from 1972 to 1993 will bolt in, if you have the 8.25 stick with another 8.25 the 9.25 uses a 1 inch shorter drive shaft.
    not to be a thorn in your side here but fuel friendly and pre 94 dodge truck is a total oxymoron. the fuel friendly dodges of that era are the slant 6 trucks from 82 to 87 sp trucks.
    The higher the numerical gear ratio the lower your fuel economy will be in 72-93 dodge d series truck.
    I have 93 D150 5 speed truck as a daily driver best it's ever done 14 around town and 20 on the highway .

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