A better transmission tune for towing???

Discussion in 'Towing & Hauling' started by IQRaceworks, Jul 25, 2016.

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    I currently have a superchips flashpaq 3815 tuner for my 04’ Dodge Hemi Ram QC. I just leave it on the “87 towing” tune most of the time. I like how it shifts (a little firmer, and it hold the gears longer) when I’m just driving around town…….but when I’m pulling any kind of heavy loads (20ft camper, 25ft ski boat)…it seems like the transmission is always hunting for gears when going up kills. When I’m going up hills I can tap on the gas a little bit and it will kick down to a lower gear, but then it always seems like even though it’s holding good speed going up the hill….and the rpms aren’t falling….the transmission always wants to upshift into a higher gear, and then I start losing speed, and then it’s back down into a lower gear….back and forth…back and forth. If it kicks down into a lower gear, and the speed is good and not falling off, and the rpms are good and not dropping….why doesn’t the transmission just keep it in that gear until I get over the hill and the load on the motor is gone? It feels like I’m constantly working the gas pedal all the time trying to keep the transmission in a lower gear. I’ve tried taking it out of tow mode to see if it’s any better, and it’s not……it still constantly hunts for gears.

    Are there any tuners out there that I can use that has a better transmission tune designed for pulling heavy loads? I’m afraid that with the transmission constantly hunting for gears all the time, it’s going to build up excessive heat and cause problems down the road. I haven’t switched back to the stock tune, but from what I remember….it had the same problem with hunter for gears when pulling loads uphill.

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