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Discussion in 'Tech Info' started by jesterx888, Jan 1, 2017.

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    Dec 10, 2016
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    5.9 Magnum
    1997 1500, 5.9

    I am having issues with a soft brake pedal. When I hit the brake pedal, I hear what sounds like a rush of air from the pedal area and I have little to no pedal resistance for what I would guess is about 75% of the pedal travel. Everything in my mind is telling me they need to be bled, but I have bled them multiple times and and I am not getting air out of the system any more. If I disconnect the hose off the booster, the pedal is hard. If the engine is not running, the pedal is hard.

    I have replaced:
    - Rear shoes and wheel cylinders.
    - Adjusted rear brakes
    - Front rotors and pads
    - both front soft lines
    - master cylinder

    At times, not every time, the pedal, within the first 25-50% of travel, feels like it is catching on something, but i am not seeing anything around the pedal area that would be causing that. Maybe something with the rod between the booster and pedal? Either way, that shouldn't be causing my soft pedal.

    The only thing I havent replaced is the booster itself, but as far as I know, a bad booster would only cause a hard pedal, not a soft pedal.

    Any thoughts?
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    Check for leaks in the brake lines, same thing happened to me and it was leaking wheel cylinders

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