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    My daughter just bought a 2015 ram1500 and we decided to add some accessory lighting and a mobility scooter lift for me, a back-up alarm and video cameras. This was the first time I ran into the CANBus system and it is a PITA for accessory wiring. I first noticed it after we connected and aftermarket back up alert to the BU lights. It motorboats while the light appears steady. As I work with remote controls in pro AV electronics, I realized the on board computer is doing this as it checks the bulbs. I have designed a simple circuit that accepts the data stream from the truck and will control any auxiliary lamp etc load you may want to add.

    My circuit does not affect the on board computer's functions.
    I have used this circuit to add turn signals mounted on the scooter lift, auxiliary brake lights and running lights as well. No additional loads are seen by the original light circuits. All additional lighting is powered by an added 12 VDC fused buss bar powered by a HD relay for aux loads. Email me with any questions you may have if you have run into this issue while accessorizing.

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