Code list for the CTD info.

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    Dodge Cummins Check Engine Error Codes

    Cycle Key on-off-on-off-on to read codes in odometer display

    P0002 ECM fuel calibration error
    P0016 Crankshaft/Camshaft Timing Misalignment/Out-of- Sync
    P0071 Ambient Temperature Sensor Performance / Rationality
    P0072 Ambient Temperature Sensor Low
    P0073 Ambient Temperature Sensor High
    P0088 Fuel Rail Pressure Too High
    P0106 Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Performance / Rationality
    P0107 Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Low
    P0108 Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor High
    P0111 Intake Air / Charge Temperature Sensor Performance / Rationality
    P0112 Intake Air / Charge Temperature Sensor Low
    P0113 Intake Air / Charge Temperature Sensor High
    P0116 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Performance / Rationality
    P0117 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Low
    P0118 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor High
    P0121 Accelerator Position Sensor (APPS) Signal Voltage Too Low
    P0122 Accelerator Position Sensor (APPS) LowAPPS Voltage Input Too Low
    P0123 Accelerator Position Sensor (APPS) Signal Voltage Too High
    P0128 Cooling System Error / Thermostat Rationality
    P0148 Fuel Delivery Error
    P0168 Fuel Temp Too High
    P0169 Water-in-Fuel Detected For Too Long
    P0192 Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Low
    P0193 Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor High
    P0201 Fuel Injector 1 Circuit
    P0202 Fuel Injector 2 Circuit
    P0203 Fuel Injector 3 Circuit
    P0204 Fuel Injector 4 Circuit
    P0205 Fuel Injector 5 Circuit
    P0206 Fuel Injector 6 Circuit
    P0216 Fuel Injection pump Timing Malfunciton [new injector pump time]
    P0217 Coolant Temperature Too High
    P0219 Engine Overspeed
    P0230 Transfer pump circuit out of range
    P0234 Turbocharger Overboost Condition
    P0235 Turbocharger Boost Sensor A Circuit
    P0236 Turbocharger Boost Pressure Sensor Performance / Rationality
    P0237 Turbocharger Boost Pressure Sensor Low
    P0238 Turbocharger Boost Pressure Sensor High
    P0251 Fuel Injection Pump Mechanical Failure Fuel Valve Feedback Circuit
    P0252 Injection Pump Fuel Metering Control "A" Range/Performance
    P0253 Fuel Injection Pump Fuel Valve Open Circuit
    P0254 Fuel Injection Pump Fuel Valve Current Too High
    P0300 Multiple Cylinder Misfire
    P0301 Cylinder 1 Misfire
    P0302 Cylinder 2 Misfire
    P0303 Cylinder 3 Misfire
    P0304 Cylinder 4 Misfire
    P0305 Cylinder 5 Misfire
    P0306 Cylinder 6 Misfire
    P0335 Crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit
    P0336 Crankshaft Position Sensor Performance
    P0337 Crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit Low
    P0338 Crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit High
    P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit
    P0341 Camshaft Position Sensor Performance / Rationality
    P0370 Timing Reference High Resolution Signal "A"
    P0380 Intake Air Heater #1 Control circuit
    P0381 Wait-to-Start Lamp Inoperative
    P0382 Intake Air Heater #2 Control circuit
    P0460 Fuel Level Sensor A Circuit
    P0461 Fuel Level Sensor 1 Performance / Rationality
    P0462 Fuel Level Sensor 1 Low
    P0463 Fuel Level Sensor 1 High
    P0477 Exhaust Pressure Control Relay Low
    P0478 Exhaust Pressure Control Relay High
    P0480 Cooling Fan 1 Control Circuit/Open (Low Speed Fan Relay)
    P0483 Cooling Fan Speed
    P0500 Vehicle Speed Sensor 1 Circuit, or No Vehicle Speed Reference Signal 1
    P0514 Battery Temperature Sensor Performance / Rationality
    P0516 Battery Temperature Sensor Low
    P0517 Battery Temperature Sensor High
    P0521 Oil Pressure Sensor Performance / Rationality
    P0522 Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Circuit Low Input
    P0523 Oil Pressure Sending Unit Voltage too high
    P0524 Oil Pressure Too Low
    P0532 A/C Pressure Sensor Low
    P0533 A/C Pressure Sensor High
    P0541 Intake Air Heater Relay 1 Low
    P0542 Intake Air Heater Relay 1 High
    P0562 Battery Voltage Low
    P0563 Battery Voltage High
    P0572 Brake Switch 1 Low
    P0573 Brake Switch 1 High
    P0576 Cruise Control Input Circuit Low
    P0580 Speed Control Multiplexed Switch 1 Low
    P0581 Speed Control Multiplexed Switch 1 High
    P0602 Control Module Programming Error/NotProgrammed
    P0604 Internal Control Module RAM Integrity Failure
    P0606 Internal ECM Processor
    P0607 ECU Internal Performance
    P0622 Generator Field Control Circuit
    P0628 Fuel Pump Relay Circuit Low, or Fuel Lift Pump Control Circuit Low
    P0629 Fuel Pump Relay Circuit High, or Fuel Lift Pump Control Circuit High
    P0630 VIN Not Programmed in PCM
    P0633 SKIM Key Not Programmed in PCM
    P0642 Sensor Reference Voltage 1 Circuit Low
    P0643 Sensor Reference Voltage 1 Circuit High
    P0646 A/C Clutch Relay Circuit Low
    P0647 A/C Clutch Relay Circuit High
    P0652 Sensor Reference Voltage 2 Circuit Low
    P0653 Sensor Reference Voltage 2 Circuit High
    P0698 Sensor Reference Voltage 3 Circuit Low
    P0699 Sensor Reference Voltage 3 Circuit High
    P0700 Transmission Control System (MIL Request)
    P0743 Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Electrical
    P0753 Shift Solenoid "A" Electrical
    P0837 Four Wheel Drive (4WD) Switch Performance / Rationality
    P0838 Four Wheel Drive (4WD) Switch Circuit Low
    P0839 Four Wheel Drive (4WD) Switch Circuit High
    P1488 Auxiliary 5 volt supply output is too low
    P1492 Ambient/batt temp sensor volts too high
    P1493 Ambient/batt temp sensor volts too low
    P1596 Speed Control Switch always high
    P1597 Speed Control Switch always low
    P1652 J1850 Communication Bus
    P1687 No Cluster BUS Message or No Messages from the Mechanical Instrument Cluster
    P1688 Internal Fuel Injection Pump Controller Failure
    P1689 No Communication Between ECM & Injection Pump Module
    P1690 Fuel injection pump CKP Sensor Does Not Agree With ECM CKP Sensor
    P1691 Fuel Injection Pump Controller Calibration Failure
    P1693 Generic fault indicating a fault in the bus or PCM/ECM interface
    P1757 Governor pressure is above 3 PSI when 0 PSI is requested
    P1762 Governor Press Sensor Offset Volts Too Low or Too High
    P1765 Transmission 12 volt supply relay control circuit
    P2121 Pedal Position Sensor 1 Performance / Rationality
    P2122 Pedal Position Sensor 1 Low
    P2123 Pedal Position Sensor 1 High
    P2127 Pedal Validation Switch 2 Low
    P2128 Pedal Validation Switch 2 High
    P2146 Fuel Injector Group 1 Supply Voltage Circuit
    P2149 Fuel Injector Group 2 Supply Voltage Circuit
    P2266 Water in Fuel Sensor Circuit Low
    P2269 Water in Fuel Condition
    P2502 Charging System Output Voltage
    P2503 Charging System Output Low
    P2504 Charging System Output High
    P2509 ECM/PCM Power Input Signal Intermittent
    P2607 Intake Air Heater Relay 2 Low
    P2608 Intake Air Heater Relay 2 High
    P2609 Intake Air Heater System Performance
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    Will this work with manual.
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    I would say yes except for the P07xx codes which are for AT.
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    I have a code not listed It is P208D

    Does anyone know this one

    Its a 2014 3500

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