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    So I was looking around before I did this and couldn't really find an ideas other then some YouTube videos showing lights on the trucks.

    Lights Used:
    Front: CPS Authority UVT Interior Light Bar
    Rear: 2x Star Signal Mini Phantom

    The front interior light bar came with universal mounts that mount under neath the visor mounts. My brackets had to be modified drastically to get the light bar to sit where I wanted it to.(I'll get some pictures of this)

    The rear lights were where I really ran into a problem trying to figure out where to place them due to not wanting to interfere with my rear sliding window. So I had to get a little crafty with mounting them. I ended up mounting them to the back of the headrests using metal strapping to make brackets out of (im sure there is a better looking way of doing it but this works and you can't really see it).

    I'm sorry for the lack of pictures I'm going to try and get some more in the next few days.

    Inside view of the light bar

    Outside view of light bar

    Rear mini phantoms mounted to headrest


    You can kind of see the lights in the rear window of the truck I'll try and get a better picture of them

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