Overhead console/ odometer not working!

Discussion in '5.9 Common Rail' started by CumminsEverywhereIgo, Nov 25, 2014.

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    When I bought the truck the overhead console,odometer were not working and temperature control lights did not work. I bought a new overhead console from an 05(mine is a early 06) and the pigtail as mine was clipped off for some reason.another issue I am having is two of the 4 wires are color matched from my harness on my truck to the new pigtail I got from a salvage yard, but the other two do not..

    When I connect the two sets of wires one way nothing happens.. When I do it he other way while truck is running(it's winter and cold so have heat on inside truck) security light flashes, headlights turn on when knob is on off position, radio turns off and truck shuts off.. And console, odometer or heater control lights still does not come on...

    Fuses under hood in fuse box are fine. Any help will be appreciated. Getting everything fixed so I can sell to get back in crew cab

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