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    Hello All,

    I have a 2014 Ram 2500 and I want to install a remote starter. I see that Xpresskit makes one that is plug and play for the 2014 that is remote start ready. How can I tell if my truck is remote start ready? Any help would be great. Thank!
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    If you are looking to install remote start with OEM Key Fob with pushing lock button three times then you will have to purchase 4X10/5X10.
    They will have to change the title to over $100 because the DBALL2 is no longer available for install New Dodge models. They have started a new web site and you need to be an installer to obatin the firmware down load for your vehicle.

    Doug should get back to you from EBay as I just spoke with him last week and ordered the above model kit for $179. He is a great guy and will answer your questions. He will send you the password to down load the firmware to the unit and then you program the unit to your specific vehicle and then return to the compter and the web site confirms the install and your allset. The wiring harness comes with the install and if you need the Xloader2 that has to be purchased also which is a USB loasder that loads the program to the 4X10.
    I installed the 4X10 on my 2015 Ram 1500 Big Horn and it works great should take you about 45minutes to an hour to install this kit.
    all in all this is a great plug and play unit and better install then trying to install the factory OEM remote starter from Chrysler.
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