Side to side play in front cv axle??

Discussion in 'Tech Info' started by Rockstar006, Oct 31, 2016.

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    Hello, new here.

    So I just bought my 07 hemi with 77k on it. I noticed when I put it on the lift that the drivers side front axle has side to side play. Not up & down or around. Just east & west, at the wheel side of the axle. Not where it goes into the case. It has about an inch of movement in & out... is this normal?

    It also likes to skate a little when I hit a bumpy section of road. It's not the death wobble, but it's a slight skatey feeling. Steering is tight, wheels have no play when jacked up & moved top to bottom & side to side. Feel tight. First thing I'm going to do is have them re balanced & the front alignment checked even though this was all done at the dealership I bought it from. It has only done it 3 times in 5 hours of driving. Did not transfer into the steering wheel but I looked over & saw the passenger seat vibrating. Then it stops after about a minute.

    I've searched & been watching videos on both of these symptoms. Most of the cv stuff is all around play instead of strictly side to side. And most people talk about the death wobble, which I have not experienced.

    Thanks in advance!
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