Trouble shooting 02 power seat

Discussion in 'Interior' started by Mark C., Sep 28, 2016.

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    Trouble shooting R/S power seat on my 02 2500 Quad Cab. It's a 6 way power heated seat with lumbar support. Only the rear up/down doesn't work. All other buttons work.

    I removed and cleaned the switch internally. Used contact cleaner and a small file. Reinstalled the switch and the rear up/down worked for one cycle. I cycled it up then down, worked fine. tried it again and nothing. Removed switch again, sprayed it again with contact cleaner, no filing, reinstalled and same thing. When watching the motor it appears weak or sluggish. After the one good cycle, when I activate the switch, you can see the shaft tries to turn, but doesn't. It just barley budges.

    My question(s),
    Do these motors either work or don't. Or can the get weak and ware out?
    Or does this sound like a switch problem?

    Any Help greatly appreciated. Wife is tired of a sore butt.

    Thanks Mark.

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