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  1. Spotty
    Spotty Hemi450hp
    Hi Matt, I placed an order via your website yesterday for the carven 5” polished tips. I’m paying with a money order, but I’m not sure how your guys will know what the money order is for when it is received. My customer number is 18613. I got an order confirmation email, but not an order number. The money order was mailed yesterday. I guess I just wanted to make you aware of the order so it doesn’t get mixed up.
  2. don carsten
    don carsten
    What is the fix for a "locked radio" on a 2017 Ram 1500 without u-connect
  3. Jonathan Potts
    Jonathan Potts
    I have a 2014 Ram 1500 4x4 5.7 hemi 8 speed..Just bought SCT BDX trying to figure out how to get with dealers so i can download custom tunes
  4. Zachary Williams
    Zachary Williams
    Traded the 13 for the 19 a few months back and IM LOVING IT!!!
  5. Jaybr
    I have a 2002 ram 3500 dually with Cummins with 6 spd manual
  6. RammyBoy
    2019 Ram 3500; cameras unavailable. I just had a topper cap installed and now I get this message. Should that cap affect all cameras?
  7. Texas dave
    Texas dave
    where is the User PC on he left side of the forum site?
  8. dpd527
    anyone know what the module behind rear seat is called its on my 2019 ram 1500 tradesman 4x4 hemi thanks
  9. txvet33
    txvet33 indept
    Do you have info on moving the oil filter? Saw your picture. I have a 16lonestar. 5.7. Thx
  10. Dubbo
    engine is V8 5.7 Hemi not 6.1