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  1. Esco83
    Esco83 2MchSce
    What needs to be done for the 5th gen console conversion ?
  2. atc06jh
    atc06jh Midnight Storm
    Trying to see how to send a PM, but I cannot figure it out. What color HIDs are you running? I'm going to get the 5K now I think after speaking with retroshop.
    1. Midnight Storm
      Midnight Storm
      5500k. Looks as close as possible to the LED white. Anywhere 5000-6000 and you’re good
      Jan 15, 2021 at 8:46 PM
    SVGRAM wayned87
    Anymore of them harness available? I did them same thing. Bought a pair of them ram OEM led tail light. Now I can’t find the harness. Lol
  4. Gottis Garage
    Gottis Garage
    Hey, everyone. I own a "all black dodge ram" 2017 ram 1500, I make harnesses so you can have fun!
  5. Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson dodge dude94
    if I remote start my 2011 ram 1500 when it times out and shuts off the radio keeps playing, is there any way to have it turn off?
  6. Travis Pittman
    Travis Pittman clifford15
    Good evening. I came across your post looking to make a fold flat floor for my Ram. Yours looks great! Do you still happen to have the .pdf of the plans and would you be willing to send them? Thank you in advance. Email [email protected]
  7. danielpz2020
    looking for a 2012 bezel ram 1500 to add center council some have one for sale
  8. 2010_Laramie_4x4
    2010_Laramie_4x4 Shaggy
    Could you please change my username to 2001_Cummins_4x4. I traded my 2010 Laramie 4x4 Hemi in to get better mpg. Thank you!
  9. Justin Stafford
    Justin Stafford
    My Christmas present from my Wife!!!!!
    1. Brian Nickelson
      Brian Nickelson
      Congrats! Smart wife!
      Treat her right.
      Jan 14, 2021 at 10:59 AM
      Justin Stafford likes this.
  10. Dragon62
    Installed AMP power steps, the other half will be sooooo happy.