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  1. Domonic J McGrath
    Domonic J McGrath SitKneelBend
    Hey how ya doing I was wondering if you could possibly send me the same link to firmware as the guy who was having hvac issues , everything was fine and I did an update now I have no ac controls ,I've gone threw every air supplier and still got either nothing but 7 speed heT or nothing and either way I have no control over any of the hvac
  2. H2o2
    H2o2 SitKneelBend
    So I installed my radio and most if it eorks but my hazard lights go off until I unplug my a/c cotrols but they work. Also my gps antenna shows the different satellites but it wont show up on my navigation or the speed of my truck. My factory a/c I have the four speed fan and no dual climate control.
    Any advice or help you have would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Alafans
    Searching for a 2018/2019 Ram HD
  4. Daniel Schmidt
    Daniel Schmidt DeereGuy
    Could I get one of the bypass harness For my 2018 power wagon. Thank you.
  5. greatwhitegoat
    greatwhitegoat Curlyp
    hey there, i really like your lift/wheel setup. i read that you're running 35s but i did not find any information on your suspension / lift. do you mind sharing your suspension/lift specs??? thank you
  6. Matt12eagles
    Matt12eagles mdifilippo
    Hi Mdifilippo, I saw on the tesla radio forum that you switched back to the original 8.4" nav. Any chance you would sell the tesla version? I am very curious to try it out as I have the 4" screen in my 2017. Thanks! Matt Grant
  7. Dubbsy01
    Just bought a 2016 1500 ecodiesel.
  8. RoadRamblerNJ
    Currently looking for land (+/- 50 acres) to build on in Eastern Tennessee.
  9. Sam Wilks
    Sam Wilks DeereGuy
    What do I need to do to get a cable?
  10. JoeSchmoe
    Is it broke? Nah, it’s a RAM