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  1. Graygoose
    you can go to Hifisoundconnection, sometimes they do make offer, and people get them for about $500. all the wiring is there. Kicker SRAMCQ09
  2. TC III
    Did you paint the flares?
  3. Steve Tokash
    Did you have the factory alpine sub there? I dont have that in my truck so ill be in for some wiring which isnt a big deal. Thanks for the info have a brand name or even a link? I cant quite see...
  4. Graygoose
    @Steve Tokash The sub/amp is all in one. It comes with the harness to plug and play, amp, and amp setting are already done. The enclosure bolts right up on the driver side, using factory mounting...
  5. Steve Tokash
    Any chance i can get some more info on what you have here? size and where you got the box/sub or is it an all in one? I assume you had to take the fold out floor to make this work. Where did...

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