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    Prices on the rise!

    Like everything else the price of the 3500 that I would like to get, went up by about $1,700 today. I have been on the Ram website building a truck about once a week for a couple of months now. You know... like we used to do when the winter Sears & Montgomery Ward catalogs would come out before...
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    3500 ho diesel trans

    Yeah where the crap is this new transmission that was supposed to come out like a year ago?!? I got tired of waiting so I am going to start working on the local dealers for a built 3500.
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    3500 Diesel or Gas for Full Time Fifth Wheel 14K GVWR?

    Okay... I am calling you crazy! :Insane:Was it hard getting used to having that thing on the roof of your truck? I think I would be afraid of even loading that thing up on the roof much less hauling it down the road. It is a very nice rig though!:happy107:
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    Holy crap is my new truck thirsty as hell!

    I think you will do a little better after break in. Also not sure where you live but up north here we have to run the "winter blend". I easily lose 2mpg during the winter months.
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    AFE Cold Air Intake

    Usually it means if you have a bunch of other mods you "could" get to that HP. Different throttle body, headers, & a tune.
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    Factory fender flares

    Thank you for this write up! If I can't afford the Laramie Package there are a few things I would like to get & put on the Big Horn. It drives me nuts some of the things that doesn't come with the BH package! Like wheel well liners, these flares, fog lights, bed lights. Hell, the bed lights...
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    grease front of 2015 ram 4500

    It is very hard to see. Somebody on here had a picture of it maybe they will post it up again so you can see what it looks like.
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    2500 Outdoorsman

    I have some 3.73's I would sell pretty cheap but then you would still have to pay labor on the install. They have just over 50k on them. That's when I re-geared my gasser to 4.56's
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    Transmission thermostat bypass failures?

    I wasn't as concerned with the part failing as I was how much of a restriction there was, even with the valve open. I think someone took the time to figure it out & it was like 64% reduction in flow when open. After I removed mine I could see how that number is real. The hole for the fluid to go...
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    This has been an issue with my 2016 2500 as well. My wife rarely has any drop outs in her Durango. My 2500 is almost daily. And I don't hate the look of the shark fin per say... but it bothers me it is not in the center of the cab. **** huh!?! :hahano:
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    Why does automobile makers have to make the roof antennas so unsightly? I would prefer they put it all in a shark fin centered towards the rear of the cab. I know they put it up front cause of in bed campers. But what is the population doing this? 1%? Who's with me here? Anyone else like their...
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    I have had this problem with my 2016 6.4L. Heater core is less than $100 bucks but of coarse the labor is about $1,000. How hard was it to just flush the heater core? And how did you go about it? If I remember right, there was not much room to even get in there to remove the hoses. Not sure on...
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    night edition is not available for the 22s???

    Yeah Dennis Dillion used to be the #1 seller of Ram trucks but even his inventory is down by about 75%. His prices are not nearly as good as they used to be. Good ol' supply & demand. And it seems like many dealers have mostly the higher end trims on the lot. Makes me think that is all they can...
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    Factory Order - My Full Experience & Timeline

    Oh yeah there is the accessories fee, government fees, Proc/Doc fees, and then taxes. I know there would be tax & title fees, but then he starts with these accessory fees. I was like wait/what!?! Well that's the paint protection, the interior protection, & the premium floor mats. I said buddy...
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    night edition is not available for the 22s???

    Yes the Dayton area. In 2016 I worked all the dealerships within 50 miles to get 18% off of my truck. With the current market I don't think I could get anywhere close to that.