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    WTS - ARE Hard Shell Tonneau Cover for 6'4" bed

    Dang, that's the same color as my truck, if you were closer that cover would be mine. Good luck with your sale!
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    Ribbed rubber pad

    Lol…….truck was previously owned by a Midas Shop so that pretty much explains it. Thanks guys.
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    Ribbed rubber pad

    I was under my truck this morning installing my block heater and cord, while under the truck I bumped into the understructure and this rubber pad fell off. I don’t remember seeing it while I was under there so no idea where it goes, does anyone know where it might go?
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    MyMoparParts website

    They didn't say that in the e-mail, they told me they couldn't verify fitment but If I wanted the parts they would ship them to me. I'm still waiting on the parts as of today.
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    Sunroof not sitting flush in both back corners

    Replaced the seal on my sun roof and it looks like that solved the leaking problem, a couple more run through the car wash will tell me if it's fixed permanently.
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    Remflex gaskets RFL-6022

    Bought these gaskets a while ago for my previous truck but I sold the truck and no longer need them. $50 shipped
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    MyMoparParts website

    How did I spend a lot of time worrying about fitment, please enlighten me. It's a block heater and wire harness, which I don't even need to use right now and besides, this has nothing to do with the topic at hand.
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    Anyone switched to 87 octane?

    90 octane is $5.49 per gallon up here which is what we run in our sleds, thankfully winter is over and I don't have to put gas in them until next season, hopefully the price of gas will have gone down some by then.
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    Anyone switched to 87 octane?

    No, the manual for my 2018 2500 6.4 also says to use 87 octane and it's all I put in my truck.
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    MyMoparParts website

    Bottom line for me is, if your website says it fits and you tell me you can't guarantee fitment even though you have my VIN, then either your website needs work or your sales people need to do their homework a little better. As an aside, I had zero issues ordering the sun roof seal for this same...
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    No air flow from dash vents

    I'd get back behind the radio/hvac controls and check them, I think 1 is for defrost or floor and the other should be for your dash vents, try swapping them and see what happens. I had this problem on my previous truck and did what I mentioned here and found the blender actuator gears for the...
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    MyMoparParts website

    They asked for my VIN, which I gave them and they still couldn't verify fitment, even though it took me only 10 minutes to verify it myself. I seriously doubt that it was the owner I was dealing with but whomever it was, isn't very good at their job since it took me only about 10 minutes to...
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    2017 6.4 Hemi Clicks But does not start

    Take the cables off the battery and clean the posts with a good brush then put some dielectric grease on it and reconnect. I had a loose ground on my old truck and it caused the same issue but I was able to find it pretty easily in about 10 minutes. I don't know if these truck have a starter...
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    Laramie Wheels on Express

    Go with the chrome if you like bling, that's what I would do.