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    Big Truck Big Decision

    I’m a big fan of gas HD trucks. I would have bought a gas dually most likely if one was available and just lightened my hay trailer load. I think gas trucks work out better mathematically and why many companies around me have moved to gas HD. Diesel just cost more to fix when they break.
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    Big Truck Big Decision

    I have the standard output with the 68 rfe which does better than the HO with Aisin. It’s just what they had on the lot but probably would have given MPG for the Aisin. Also, I’m pulling on a county road going 45 MPH so your numbers are more real world.
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    Big Truck Big Decision

    I just traded my 2018 PW on a 2021 Tradesman 3500 DRW with the 8 ft bed. The long wheel base makes the truck ride as well as my PW. I was super surprised at how well it drove so may be worth at least considering a dually. My wife will complain quickly on the ride quality of my truck and she has...
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    2018 Power Wagon with 5th Wheel?

    I was in the same boat as I loved the PW but ended up needing significantly more towing. I had to decide on towing or off road. Towing won as it was a necessity for me on the farm. But, FYI, you can get a 4x4 Ram 3500 Dually Tradesman for $60,000 which is PW territory on price. 5,000 lbs payload...
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    Dealer made me a stupid good deal, so I traded

    I had a similar experience too. My local dealer knew I was needing to increase my tow from the Power Wagon and gave me a great deal on a dually with the Cummins. I love the 8 foot box too but I don’t have to use it as a daily driver.
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    I would just lock it in 4th to tow so the engine stayed high in its torque curve. I viewed 5th and 6th as just overdrive cruising gears with no load and that seemed to make towing more pleasant. Hated all the down shifting and did the same with competitors gasser too. My tow needs went up and...
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    I’ve had LineX applied to a truck before and it didn’t hold up as well as the factory liner. My PW factory liner was superior to any after market I ever had. I think it’s how it’s applied v the product. I’m in the same boat as I traded my PW for a 2021 Ram 3500 dually which came as a basic...
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    10k in Mods on Power Wagon

    Price of steel has gone up significantly over the last year. The gooseneck trailer I’m having built is $14,000 and the guy said he could have built it for $11,000 a year ago.
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    Help with exhaust please

    I kept all the OEM exhaust parts so I can always go back to stock. I have found the drone isn’t bad above 2,000 rpms so I may be fine with it after all. I lock out 5 and 6 gear most of the time now that I’m not DD and the rpms are above that drone threshold driving it that way. Thanks for the...
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    Help with exhaust please

    Long story short-the muffler shop confused me with another customer and put dual exit exhaust magnaflow muffler on my truck without resonators. Without getting into their screw up, I want the single exit with the resonator due to drone. Can anyone give me the part number for magnaflow that...
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    Exhaust Tone

    So, I requested the muffler shop to install the magnaflow and reinstall the resonator but they put the two tail pipes. I’m thinking it’s droning too much and I’m going to have them install the resonator. There are 2 exits for each tail pipe from the muffler. Can they just “cap” one off and...
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    Well guys I had to trade in my PW

    This is joke, right? You have had for a couple of months and put 14,000 in aftermarket. Did you trade in your testicles too? I’m driving a Pacifica but got to keep one of my nuts because I kept the PW but I had to put an exhaust on it to keep the one nut.
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    Power Wagons ... Post em up!

    I was referring to yours.
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    Power Wagons ... Post em up!

    The gray with chrome is hard to beat for sure.