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    AFE gt momentum CAI

    Any one here try this intake?
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    all of my dash warning lights are staying on

    I think there have been a rash of bad batteries lately causing electronic problems.
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    Unconnected update

    My truck recently updated I used to have surround sound but now it's gone and my radio sounds crappy
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    Do you see any repercussions to permanently turning off the mds?

    A friend's Tahoe just had the same problem with it's lifters and can. So it isn't just a Ram issue. I think it has a lot to do with where the lifters are made and the quality of the work are they made in China or Mexico or are they made under stricter guidelines in the US the same goes with the...
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    Moe's Ram Air

    Thinking about buying and installing but had a question. Noise, is the throttle body a lot louder after install. I don't want it to sound like the ole qudrajets when you flipped the air breather lid upside down.
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    31" to 29" Tires = the same as 3.21 to 3.55 gear?

    Law enforcement isn't going to stop you as long as you have lights on your trailer and tagged if required by your state. We don't carry around scales to weigh vehicles and trailers. Now D. O. T. is a whole other story, but they are mainly looking at commercial vehicles and semi truck/trailers
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    2018 Ram 6.4l Hemi Towing Issues

    Sounds like a altitude problem and the computer engine isn't compensating
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    Anyone hear of Tribo-Tex. It's supposed to be a engine additive to treat the engine wear surfaces. Supposedly has a history of being used in aircraft engines to reduce wear.
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    Fallen ATs
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    I decided to go with Rough Country's 3 inch lift. They are only 2 hours away, and I let them do the install and alignment. Happy with the results. The ride stayed the same.
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    Popping noise after Bilstein level installed

    So I believe I have found the reason for the noise and it has nothing to do with the shocks or suspension. On the new Rams the electric fan is held on by one bolt on each side and a piece of rubber like material that is clipped onto the front grill opening and to the bottom of the electric fan...
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    Popping noise after Bilstein level installed

    When going over some bumps and when traveling slow and rock the truck back and forth. Are you talking about where it bolts into the frame . I assume it's okay.
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    Popping noise after Bilstein level installed

    About 2 months ago I ordered a set of Bilstein 5100 shocks for my 19 Ram. I installed them according to the instructions and the first couple of months they were fine. Now there is a popping or clunking noise coming from the front. I researched this and was told a lot of people had a problem...
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    Cold Air Intake recommendation

    Wix filters rated as best overall, flow and filtration. K and N for thed strip only then change back.