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Apr 1, 2021
Mar 14, 2013
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Calgary, Ab

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Senior Member, from Calgary, Ab

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Apr 1, 2021
    1. txvet33
      When you did your oil filter relocation, what year and engine was it on? Forgive an old man if I missed it in your write-up. I have a 2016 Ram, 5.7 Hemi. Thx for any help.
    2. Rda007
      Hi thank you so much for your awsome cam swap walkthrough for 4th gen hemis. I'm going to do this to my 2011 ram 1500 and without your guide I'd be screwed. I have a question about the timing. On the second part of the guide you said to set it to tdc and mark it on the phaser. Then keep the chain from slipping. How did you go about putting the truck in tdc? What was your procedure if you didnt use the timing Mark's?
    3. redline1983
      Hey - can you provide any details (P/Ns or otherwise) for the KillerGlass that you used (top radiator pipe). Thanks
    4. Gamester
      Hey man,

      Just curious if you ever got around to testing whether or not the larger bored throttle bodies show any worth while gains for forced induction setups like ours.

    5. oldguy25
      I have a 2003 ram 2500 with the 5.7hemi . My (bell crank) drive by wire has gone bad and im being told it is on back order nation wide , can you tell me what I would need to do to convert over to a cable driven throttle body , or who may have the bell crank for my truck. PLEASE HELP.
    6. Tapout0608
      Hey I see that you have basically the same setup as me. I have a 2012 Ram 4x4 and installed the groundforce 2/3 drop. I wanted lower so I did the mcgaughys spindles up front hoping for no cv issues...well its been installed for 2 months now and driving around in 2wd there's no vibrations at all and so I thought I was okay. Today was the first day I needed the 4x4 and boy it wasn't happy. I thought the joints were going to snap and send the shafts through the floor. Put it in 2 wheel and it's fine. I see you have the kore inner joints, are those holding up well?
    7. Thatonehemi
      What tuner would you recommend? I've used the bulky dog and sold it to someone else because it couldn't do everything I wanted, the diablo is what most people recommend and I've seen a lot of talk about it, I'm also wondering where you find aftermarket engine parts, I would like to cam my truck but I know I want the tuner first, any advice?
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    Calgary, Ab
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    F1-A forged 349ci


    '09 Ram 1500 Sport 4wd Green Mamba- 4.5/6.5 dropped, forged 349 block, cog driven F1-A Procharger
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