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    rear diff

    so ive been noticing some little shaking i guess you could say around 1500-2000 rpm usually from starting off at a light but not all the time. was thinking maybe changing the diff fluid to see if this might relieve this issue but im not to familiar with the gearing and transmission type stuff...
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    What tune set up do you suggest. Sort of but not really on a budget just trying to keep cost down as much as I can
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    I was thinking about stainless works seems all I read is good things about them
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    2014 RAM 1500 SINGLE CAB. Exhaust manifold bolt broke off passenger side closing to the firewall. needs to be replaced obviously. so im thinking of going with jba longtube 1 3/4 headers to a y pipe, what bolts and gaskets should i get and do i need the o2 extensions. new to dodge so trying to...
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    Headers exhaust set up

    Looking to do headers and exhaust on my single cab 2014 Ram 1500. What have you guys done and any tips would be much appreciated
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    bucket seats and rear window

    question will the front seats from a crew or full cab fit in a regular cab. trying to go black leather in my 14 regular cab without seat covers found a few pairs from a junk yard online but there not from a regular bad. anyone know if they bolt in. also curious if the back glass slider window...