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    2016 Ram 150 Transmission getting hot. What are my options?

    That is exactly what i did. I am waiting on him to get them. Thanks!
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    If i do the rear folding seat mod, will a wedge subwoofer fit behind it?

    I am trying to put together a budget sub setup for my truck. I am seeing a lot of wedge subs for sale used and i am wondering if they will fit behind the rear seat of a 2016 ram 1500 crew cab. What dimensions will fit if so? Thanks!
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    2016 Ram 150 Transmission getting hot. What are my options?

    My 2016 ram has the pentastar and 845re transmission. I recently bought it used and though it runs great and the transmission shifts great with no issue, it’s running hot to me. On the interstate it runs around 199 but once i get into the city with stop and go traffic, i can see 222 at times...
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    New 3.0L Hurricane in line 6 from youtube perspective.

    My girlfriends 2020 Wrangler has the 2.0 4 cylinder and that Jeep moves very well for the size motor in it. Its torquey and pulls off the line hard. Because its torquey, it rarely goes over 3k rpm keeping MPG’s good. It sees a mix of city and interstate and is averaging 25mpg. I like the motor...
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    strange leak....

    Probably a motor mount. I believe they leak a brownish fluid when they start leaking.
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    Smooth ride tires

    Cant go wrong with a Michelin.
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    What is your favorite car washing soap?

    I have used many but the one I currently love because it actually works is Armor All Ceramic wash. I am not a fan of Armor All products but this stuff works! Water beads off the vehicle for weeks after i wash my cars. I have tried probably 20 plus soaps over the years. Only downside to this is...
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    Painter accidentally sprayed my truck - can I get if off?

    Buy a gallon of goof off. I did an exterior detail job a few years ago who had the same issue. I wiped the whole car down with goof off and then wash it. It looked like it never happened.
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    Strange lock issue with rear door

    I recently bought a 2016 1500 and am having a weird issue with the passenger rear door. When i hit the lock button (inside or the fob), the door wont lock. The actuator is working fine and the rod moves up and down but it’s almost as if its not moving enough. It unlocks great and i can manually...
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    Who has owned a Pentastar and a Hemi Ram 1500?

    I have owned both, same year (2016). My hemi had 3.21 gears and i am not sure what my v6 ram has. First thing I noticed on the the test drive (v6) was how much torque it had off the line. It actually moves easier off the line than my hemi ram did. I have noticed on some inclines that the v6...
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    2016 Ram 1500 V6 Questions About Temps

    I went ahead and pulled the trigger. Coolant temps seem to go down to 197 and back to 218 after a bit then back down…maybe a thermostat issue. Trans got up to 213 but comes back down to 203. Either way, damn it feels good to be back in a ram
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    2016 Ram 1500 V6 Questions About Temps

    I am thinking about buy a 2016 Ram 1500 with the Pentastar. During the test drive, the coolant temp got to 220 and the transmission temp got to 208. My 16 ram with the hemi ran around 205 coolant and 195 trans. The truck im looking at has 63000 miles and a two year/150k power train warranty...
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    Want to get another ram. V6 or Eco Diesel?

    99% of my trips is highway/interstate for Atleast 30 mins.
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    Want to get another ram. V6 or Eco Diesel?

    I loved my 2016 ram with a hemi and now i want to get another ram. However, i am just using it for grocery hauling and gas mileage is the priority. I would like to get a crew cab 4x4. Is it worth getting an Eco Diesel or should i stick with a v6?
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    2016 ram 1500 with water leak

    I am betting its the 3rd brake light. Mine did the samething until I replaced the gasket