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    Synthetic Oil

    my stove generates good heat but I confess its main purpose is relaxation
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    Synthetic Oil

    I use a wood stove to supplement my heat pump. Actually thinking about firing it up tonight for the 1st burn of the season. Not actually cold yet, but who doesn't like a fire?
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    they are male bighorn sheep.........AKA a couple RAMs
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    Trailer brake on multi media panel?

    be curious to hear the dealer explanation.....
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    Bed rail cap

    For the end toward the cab? slice a pool noodle open length-wise and stick it on there.......
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    Synthetic Oil

    PennDOT and their freakin' brine killed my 2010 Colorado. That wacky 5 cylinder engine had 231K miles on it and was still going strong, but the frame was swiss cheese
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    2015 5.7 hemi high oil temp

    Timely thread. I took the 1500 for the first reasonably long drive yesterday and noticed the oil temps edging up into the high 220's. I was wondering at what point I needed to be concerned. Apparently, this wasn't the point. Thanks,
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    Synthetic Oil

    my shoulder is stainless steel and plastic.........and it still hurts
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    Trailer brake on multi media panel? that the entire OEM brake controller and it fell out of the dash mount? That's what $760 buys these days at the dealership? I would be livid.
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    Trailer brake on multi media panel?

    huh.....what is that?
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    Trailer mods, what have you done?

    Finally got around to installing a Maxx Air vent cover on my 2020 Wolf Pup last weekend. I was glad to know it was on there when the remnants of Ida blew through South Central PA yesterday.
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    Trailer brake on multi media panel?

    Well I wont pile on and say I told you so because I’ve been in similar situations. for anyone else looking to add a brake controller you literally: Reach under the dash to the right of the steering wheel and pull down the little bundle of 2 connectors. The one connector mates up with the wiring...
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    Trailer brake on multi media panel?

    I don't know what the dealer is charging, but you can buy an aftermarket brake controller for ~$100 and install it in less than 10 minutes. I went with a Tekonsha Primus IQ.
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    Whats biggest thing you've towed with your 1500?

    Bought a 2019 1500 Classic 5.7, 3.92 to replace my 2010 Colorado. Pulling a Wolf Pup (dry weight ~3K). First time pulling it other than bringing it home from storage. Short trip, less than an hour, on twisty, hilly back roads to local camp ground. Its like it's not even back there
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    Extended Fuel Tank - for gas

    Correct. I used to work for the company that designed/installed the Fuel System Leak Testers for the FCA Saltillo, Mexico plant. There was an option for a 32 gallon tank. As I recall, they built very few trucks with this option.