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Apr 17, 2019
    1. Ramrt1
      Hey was just wondering if you received my email that I sent you earlier today?
    2. Doc8224
      Just wanted to say thanks. I ordered the inTune yester day morning and got it today in fort worth at 11am. Super fast and super happy with the transaction. Going to get it loaded up and email in the files. Thanks
    3. rgroome7
      Hey Sean ,
      I hear that you are the go to guy for tunes. I have a diablo trinity and I am running the 93. The truck is an 04 3500 dually. Alot of towing and hauling, and plowing. Wondering what you can do for me. Do I send you the unit, or do you send a tune?
    4. Sprayed93
      New to this forum. I am looking for a 87 tune / tuner for my 2005 5.7L Don't necessarily need big power. Looking for Towing, gas mileage (highway), and drivability. Still have stock exhaust but looking to replace muffler with a Magna Flow or Flowmaster. Don't need loud just want free flowing.
    5. Lawhand
      hello hemifever, i am about to install some JBA longtubes onto my truck and will need a custom tune. I believe that you are the man for the job. please PM me a list of stuff i might need, there are too many post for me to flip through to find any info. Thanks Lawhand(john)
    6. I8U4DNR
      I want to order your 91 Oct tune for my 2012 Ram 1500. I already have the Trinity but not sure how to do all the data logging and E-Mailing the File. Can you please explain to me in-depth of how I do this? 602-919-1884
    7. RamLove
      Hey Hemifever. I have read so much about the great work that you do with tuning. I have a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9L Magnum and was looking into your SCT tuning stuff. I looked at your site and there is only one SCT tuner available for the stock/bolt-on performance and I was wondering if that is what I go with? Does that come with an actual tuner or are those just the programs? THANKS!
    8. craigsez
      Hey bud..Got a stock 2010 sport quad 4x4 with a moes 89mm tb/k n drop in and 14 " magna flow with trinnity tuner...Gas here is 87/89/91 oct..
      Looking to get a tune..My question is,seeing im thinkin the y pipe mod,s b cai and moes tranny shift kit/catch can should i wait till i get them 1st??
      Here in eastern canada im at almost sea level with average summer temps about 70 deg F have to chk on average summer humidity..She has 355 rears on stock wheels and i dont tow...I mention the rears and wheels cause i caught wind of you and white lightening doin a duel tune..You with engine and him with tranny..
      Whats your prices and how do i copy the files you need to do your magic on?
    9. Okiespaniel
      Hey Sean,
      Have driven the truck today and yesterday and have a question.

      My understanding is that when accelerating through the gears, the tranny will shift (after 1-2, 2-3) into TC lock up first, then OD correct?
      If this is true, my OD still isn't coming in until 53 mph.
      However I have noticed TC lockup is shifting in about 35-40 mph depending on throttle pressure. Before I had to lfit to get it to shift. That is an improvemment for sure.

      Now if opposite is true and TC lockup doesn't occur until 53 mph, then I actually need lockup to come in at a lower speed. Don't want anything else changed though becasuse the new shift pattern is better.
    10. Okiespaniel
      Hey Sean,

      Not an urgent matter here, but I have a problem. I was attempting to downlad the programming from the disc I recieved from SCT when I got the tuner so I could retrieve and load your tune.
      However I keep getting a message from my McAffee that there's a Trojan on the disc which McAffe removes. I was able to upload the program cannot run it and keep getting the trojan window popup.
      I've scanned the disc but can't find any issues. Perhaps theres a programming error on it, or it's outdated.
      Thanks for any help.
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