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    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    Oh man. I couldn't live without the sound. I have borla exhaust with deleted muffler. Cold start is amazing sound, plus it keeps the wife away from the truck. She hates the sound. Ha
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    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    In my 14 ram express, I put bucket seats, center console, glove box, nerf bars and muffler delete. Last week did the cold air intake, Diablo tune and rear floor storage compartments. Led package all around, projection lights with xenon package . Been working hard to get this where I want it.
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    Low battery causing traction light?

    I replaced my battery this week. I have 14 1500 and I had dash lights come on, and random dings. After replacing the battery(original battery, 8 years old), all the ghostly things stopped and truck started like a champ.
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    Best Tires for Ram 1500?

    I put Cooper discover a/t on mine. Same conditions as you. They perform great on the gravel roads around here. Enough beef on sidewall to do most stuff. My biggest plus on them is how quiet they are. 11k miles on mine with no issues. Snow, ice, gravel mud and really good with rain.