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    Reman Identification?

    The block is black, has a decent amount of surface rust though which has me puzzled. I’ll take a look for a freeze plug
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    Reman Identification?

    I think I have a reman motor in my possession but I’m not positive, would like to identify it. The heads have the heat plugs that say warranty void if removed. Any one experienced with any of these motors to help me find an indication?
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    Looking to do 2/4 drop on my 2004 ram 4x4

    You can run lowering springs and the spindles to get a 4”. I’ve had it for a few years
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    Circuit Guy's Truck - Unfortunate Sale

    sorry for your loss, he did good work on that truck. Looks very nice!
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    Transmission Time Bomb

    Might be 2nd prime going out, if you manually shift from 2nd to 3rd you would be skipping the prime gear
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    2005 rumble bee 6.1 hemi swap

    I was hell bent on a 426 as well, but am figuring out I’d rather use that extra money for boost and be fine with a 392 and no headaches
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    How to disable fuel pump to perform a compression test there is no fuse

    Isn’t it easier to just unplug your injectors?
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    Torque converter 545rfe

    easy start would be make sure you got right fluid level in there, they hold quite a bit of fluid
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    Truck Bed Replacement

    As others said, gotta stick with the same bed size you have and they are becoming more readily available it seems as these trucks get older
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    Head gasket repair

    It's messy, watch your knuckles on the heads, very sharp.. I have scars to prove
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    How to lowered a Ram 1500 Rumble Bee 2004 4x4?

    Here's another option
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    How to lowered a Ram 1500 Rumble Bee 2004 4x4?

    Yes and so is mine, but it will work, they only say 2wd because they don't want to be responsible for your CV shafts breaking
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    How to lowered a Ram 1500 Rumble Bee 2004 4x4?
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    Lowering 4x4 Info

    This is info for people who are wondering, I'm posting this as most people don't know it's possible and this should probably be a sticky. You can run Mcgaughys drop spindles on your 4x4 and be fine, you can also go to lowering coils if you want to go lower. I run both on my truck and have no...
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    46 RE Conversion

    Any high horse guys running the Cope 46RE conversion? Curious what you think of it