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    deepest offset on Fox 2.0 leveled struts with 295-60R20

    In my sig i have FUEL® - D575 COUPLER 1PC Gloss Black (20" x 10", -24 Offset, 8x165.1 Bolt Pattern, 125.2mm Hub) with ridge grapplers 295/60 20 with a carli back country system. They look pretty good and gave the truck a stout look. I don't have any rub issues but a friend of mine with his 2500...
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    Power wagon performance

    Since you don't have one i can assure you that you are wrong in those statements. Prochargers/Superchargers make extreme amounts of power.! Tuning is Tuning I wouldn't go as far as saying you gotta mess with procharger tuning more then a lets say a basic cam, injectors & headers they both...
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    Power wagon performance

    Besides the procharger being installed do you know if all three of the trucks completely stock oem in all other areas? (just curious) I knew from the start i was doing headers/exhaust along with a pulley change. Prochargers HO full kit is designed for a complete oem truck. I knew someone who...
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    Power wagon performance

    I'm going to do review of everything after my final tuning and dyno. I never used the canned tune from procharger.
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    Power wagon performance

    I have the procharger with ARH 1 3/4 longtubes with cats and a magnaflow #12578 muffler and still using the stock resonator and no drone at all. The Procharger is a massive HP upgrade from stock oem.
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    66RFE performance builds

    I have been doing more and more research and found some choices and as you stated they do use mostly 68rfe internals and they have them withstanding massive torque and hp. I'm already FI with a procharger which does take these trucks to a new level of performance.
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    Edelbrock supercharged

    HPTuners is much more favorable as few others mentioned. Using basic handheld diablo tuner is ok but when you get to using HPTuners with a laptop on their platform you get really familiar and comfortable with things.
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    66RFE performance builds

    thx.. I did call suncoast disel and they only sell the rebuild kits for 66RFE and not the actual builds. 68RFE they do builds
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    66RFE performance builds

    Has anyone built a 66RFE to withhold 600RWH or have any good suggestions on builders?
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    Diablo I-tune 3 Platinum & diablo unlocked PCM (Sold)

    Sorry, I just shipped it off to downthetubes yesterday...
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    Pulsar for 2018 Power Wagon???

    In the for sale section i have the diablo i3 platnium and unlocked pcm i used on my 2018 power wagon before i went pro-charged. thought maybe you might be interested.
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    Hellcat in a power wagon

    What year power wagon? My 2018 i installed a procharger with ARH longtube headers and im well satisfied.. Final tuning and dyno is about to get done and then i'll do a write up on it.
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    Your opinion: Linkswell 10" screen or factory 8" with android auto

    I have the stinger Heigh10 and like it much better then the oem 8.4. This is it installed.
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    What did you do with your 4th Gen this week?

    Added a AFR500v2 canbus wideband this week.. chose to use the 12v power outlet and heavy duty velcro to easily remove. I can now see it and log with HPTuners without using their Pro-cable upgrade.
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    Diablo I-tune 3 Platinum & diablo unlocked PCM (Sold)

    The pcm will work.. The three canned tunes on the diablo were for a 6.4. I used a Hemifever tune and not those anyway so i would think if you used a custom tune. maybe others know more then me.