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    Tire pressure and ride

    My 2500 6.4 is recommended at 60 psi, are you sure your's is recommended at 80?
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    2021 Ram 2500 6.4 Average Gas Mileage

    2020 4.1 4wd CC, we average 18 at best on highway, mostly 14, 80% on highway
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    Traded in the dually for a 3/4 ton Cummins

    That thing is HOT!!!! In more ways than 1. Nice truck, Congrats!
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    Dealer made me a stupid good deal, so I traded

    Flame Red. My buddy got his 1500 in this color. Seems like it is not a popular color except on the Rebel.
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    Gas vs. Diesel, 3.73 vs. 4.10, 2500 vs. 3500

    Actually 15k will not be over the limit. My 2020 6.4, 4.1, 4x4 max towing is over 17000 lbs.
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    Best regular cab for offroad

    2500 Power Wagon (though it doesn't come in RC). But 2500.
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    Used ecodiesel buying advice

    do some research through the Ecodiesel subforum. They have had their share of issues. The carfax will only tell you maintenance records (if they were shared by the business) and any wrecks. Good luck, hope you are getting a great deal on it. I've read enough on them that would make me think...
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    engine oil switch to synthetic

    You will have no issues switching. In fact, you could change with synthetic one time and go back to regular oil if you wanted. But don't mix two different types. Just go with what Ram recommends for the truck. That is the main thing, stay with the weight they recommend.
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    2016 Ram 3.6 running hot when towing

    When I towed with my 3.6, 3.55 2017, my numbers looked similar. In fact, I think my transmission was above 210. I think you are fine.
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    4th or 5th gen Rebel. Help me decide

    5th Gen hands down. At first I didn't like the 5th Gen, but man the 5th Gen Rebel looks great and the interior is so much better. But it's your truck and you will be living with it. Good luck.
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    AISIN or 68rfe?

    If you go diesel with the 2500, you will probably have more squat, not to mention the payload is so low with the 2500 and diesel. Good luck!
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    6.4 towing hold back trouble

    I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but I assume you mean the engine is holding higher RPM's to keep the truck from coasting down a hill. Mine does this as has my last 3 vehicles. It lets the engine do the braking so you don't overheat your brakes. It's actually for safety, if this is what...
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    0W-40 in 5.7 HEMI and 6.4 HEMI

    I use what Ram uses, Penzoil. The dealer does my oil changes.
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    NEED ADVICE - About to Buy My Sweetie a Brand New 2021 RAM 1500 Laramie

    1. etorque (if she's used to the start / stop). 2. 20" better ride and cheaper tires 3. steps - absolutely needed for my wife to get in the truck. 4. I would stay away from the 12" screen, still seems to have quality issues. Good luck!
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    1500 Hemi 5.7L vs 2500 Cummins 6.7L

    I would also, as others have stated, go with a newer 6.4 with 8 speed. Good luck.