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    2014 Express Center Console Swap question - I HAVE SEARHED

    Console is careful with the shifter swap, its not the same tranny in a 14 and the linkage I believe is different so it won't work. If you have the knob to put the truck in gear you can't do the shifter swap. (at least i have not seen a single on done) BTW I did the shifter swap on my...
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    Center Console Swap

    same here ebay.... and you can use a console for 09+ they are slight different but usable.
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    center consol add....

    I did this mod also.... You need the following... New Dash trim console dash panels center console brackets If you want air to the back then you also need the plastic vents also.... Search........its been covered a lot here and the part numbers are listed...
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    New wheels and tires...the pick is in!

    After looking at those wheels, I have the urge for a roulette table.....
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    UConnect has been Hacked!!

    Well I guess this is where all the guys who did the 8.4 swap win, since we have no connectivity no access to it anyway....but I will do the update anyway why not.
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    Center Console fianally installed

    Make sure you get the piece BEFORE you do the swap and commit to having the heat work...I did this swap, and then converted to a floor shift too...and now I gotta take it all back out cause I want the heat / ac to the back now too...:mad:
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    Key fob windows

    As you approach your car on a HOT day you let that heat out....
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    Prepping for RA1 to RA2 Uprade.

    Forget the assit and 911 buttons working cause you dont have uConnect service so its not going to work. Get that mirror if its cheap but I sign with cptwing I would do what he said in your case.
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    Prepping for RA1 to RA2 Uprade.

    You are missing the top part of that harness that runs to the mirror. The mic's in the mirror only need 4 wires and its your call if you just want to run the 4 wires straight or pay for the harness. The video IS regular wire and your truck is not pre-wired it seems. But you can be double sure...
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    14 express backup camera to 8.4 headunit

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    RA1 to RA2 need a microphone option

    Harness? Its 4 wires coming from the mirror to the plug, then 4 wires to the back of radio....16 pins and 8 wires, you can make it for like 10 bucks and 15 mins... Hey you have the information you need now to make it work, just have to pick the best solution for yourself.
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    RA1 to RA2 need a microphone option

    WOW!! for 100 bucks... you can get a used mirror off ebay for half that..
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    $12.45 addition

    Actually there is a part number for the sports that gives you this light and the under hood light for like $20 bucks, a lot of sports left the factory without.... sorry I don't recall with it is.
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    RA1 to RA2 need a microphone option

    Actually I'm sorry I forgot been a while so unless you have the mirror with the camera in it you will be fine the wires are already there what you need to do is run the four wires from the plug behind the passenger air vent in the dash to the back of the radio in the respected pins. The mirrors...
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    RA1 to RA2 need a microphone option

    get the review mirror with the mic in it and run the required 4 wires..