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    Left turn on trailer not working—HELP

    4 plug? Have you checked for shorts on the truck-side pigtail or the connector itself?
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    GoRhino Sport Bar 2.0

    Looks great! I'm also a fan of that bar. A guy near me has one on his black 4G Rebel. I'm jealous lol
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    First responder POV light recommendations

    Makes sense. Im not a first responder so I have no experience with that lol. Could you mount them on the bed or they have to be inside? Add a chase rack?
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    First responder POV light recommendations

    Pull the headrests up and strap them to the headrest bars?
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    2019 REBEL with ALL options

    I'm not sure I like the custom front end.
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    What in 2023 is going to be interesting? Going to need a new truck.

    I'd look at the Ranger Tremor or Tacoma TRDPro. It'll fit better in the city, as well as, trails when you hit the dirt. Unless you actually need a full size truck for the space, then I'd be looking at a Rebel or maybe a Raptor. The Raptor is a wide truck though lol.
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    2017 Ram 1500 5.7 - Reman vs. used engine

    Mine had 60k PT warranty, '17
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    Rear shocks leaking

    Depends on what you intend to do with your truck. If you're happy with the ride and hitting logging roads is rare then I'd get the free replacements. Otherwise, consider if you're going to lift/level and how harsh the terrain you are potentially off-roading is. Mostly paved roads with...
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    Warped Rotor, daily driver

    Your local O'Reilly should have a brake lathe. Not sure if Napa still does that or not. Unless you have a known true rotating assembly that you can put the rotors on, I'm not sure of another way. Checking the runout is what you call it :)
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    New lights, grill.

    I have the same one off of Amazon without the lights. I need to color match it still.
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    Used Ram

    Similarly equipped, the Tundra will be about $10k more....
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    Remote Start Distance

    Is the distance issue the same for the lock/unlock function? I'm not sure if they use the same receiver in the truck.
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    Wheel Lock Help Local auto parts stores should also have them, possibly as loaner tools. You could also take it to a tire place, they should be able to get them off.
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    Looking for ideas on adding white LED DRL’s to the front of 2018 Ram 1500 Limited.

    I put the Diode Dynamics RGBW kit on mine. One on the top and one on the bottom.
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    2017 Dodge Ram fish tailing

    Or he is a drunk driver... lol