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    How to make heated front seats?

    Alfa obd is a program you can purchase on your phone or laptop. It works with a obd reader such as mx+ to enable many different options that used to require a trip to the dealer. It reads and writes to the body control module BCM. For example you could enable the use of led or hid headlights and...
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    Console swap to jump seat

    I see what you mean in bezel, most are a bit of a goldish/tan color vs mine thays grey. Maybe I can match spray paint or trim off mine... And I was hoping to just buzz some holes in the back of the jump seat by the vents and punch the seat heaters in... Will be a project. Much easier to go the...
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    Console swap to jump seat

    Thanks for your detailed reply. I do not have a CD player and am OK with losing it if I did in favor of the seat. I was thinking/hoping I could peal the dash bezel apart and swap my limited woodgrain pieces into a non limited bezel. Hopefully that's possible as I've already tracked down a bezel...
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    Console swap to jump seat

    As the title says I have a 2017 limited console id like to trade for a black jump seat. I'd really like the extra seat instead of the console for hauling around the family and know there has to be others that would rather ditch the seat in favor of the console. I am in bfe southwest Kansas so...