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    I used to use Liquimoly MoS2 but switched to Lubegard Biotech. Research Biotech on bobistheoilguy. Not snake oil.
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    Oil Filter and Oil Shortage?

    A service manager friend of a large independent shop gave me the heads up that they were having issues ordering oil filters (out of stock). I read on another forum that oil producers are having issues with the additives package supply chain. One of the posters stated that their local Walmart was...
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    Free OEM front bumper 2016 2500 Laramie Hemi (sensor holes)

    Quick update. Just sold it for $200 on FB marketplace.
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    Free OEM front bumper 2016 2500 Laramie Hemi (sensor holes)

    Sounds like a good idea. Just thought a fellow member could benefit from a free bumper.
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    Free OEM front bumper 2016 2500 Laramie Hemi (sensor holes)

    Thought I would give my HD brethren first shot at this. Two caveats: 1. It’s located in Houston so local pick up only. I will not ship this (it’s huge - that’s what she said). 2. Minor damage = lower lip was pushed in an inch during a carwash tunnel incident. No damage to chrome however. You...
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    Nitto Terra Grappler G2 22K mile review

    Just got my tires rotated. The Nitto Terra Grapplers are now 28,000 miles and 11/32. Pretty impressed. Will keep you guys updated.
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    Blackstone - used oil analysis

    Verse of the day…
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    Shaking phone, what to do..

    I ordered this for $7 and change. Been using it for 8 months and works beautifully.
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    Black oil after 5,000 miles

    Hemimann - bought the vehicle new; I was not vigilant about oil changes in the beginning and relied on the oil life monitor so the dealer fill semi-synthetic oil was changed every 8,000 miles. I started doing my own oil changes around 30K and have been changing every 5K intervals Fijicorey and...
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    Black oil after 5,000 miles

    2016 2500 5.7 with 110,000 miles. Engine sounds great; no tick (even cold starts). New PCV valve, oil catch can and I keep a close eye on the air filter. I run either PUP or RGT on 5K oil change interval. Experimented with OEM, WIX XP, Bosch, Fram Ultra, Mobil 1, Purolator Boss filters. Oil...
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    6.4 exhaust manifold project

    Buckeye, You are doing the right thing by taking it to a shop. If you accidently drill through the heads then you have a bigger / more expensive mess on your hands! Hope you get the truck back on the road. Keep us updated.
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    6.4 exhaust manifold project

    Sorry for all of your troubles. I replaced mine at 106,000 miles. I think they broke at 95K. Passenger side was bad; driver side came out no problem. Didn’t trust my skills so took it to a shop. Used aftermarket studs / bolts and Mahle head gaskets. Will see how long this set up lasts.
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    New spark plugs @ 100,000?

    2016 2500 5.7 plugs at 106K: The tech said the plugs looked pretty good due to quality fuel. I fill up at Costco all the time and switch between premium and regular.
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    Windshield washer nozzle replacement

    Just like my morning ***...