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    Starting problems - fuel pressure sensor/pump/filter?

    All the fuel goodies are in the tank. I have seen the check valve go and it lets gas drain back into the tank. Truck will crank longer to start. Should be a air valve on the fuel rail to hook up a pressure gauge, pressure should not drop when you turn off truck. Watch the valve, fuel will...
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    2018 PowerWagon fairlead replacement

    i Found these on here some time ago and saved them. I haven't done the conversion yet. I just puller my rollers off and powder coated them black.
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    Jump starters

    I have a NOCO GB50 and really like there stuff. I think the Ford battery, if it was under 2 volts you need to put the jump start in manual override to get it to start a totally dead battery.
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    Molten Mango question solved

    Back in the day I had a 69 Roadrunner 440+6 that came from the factory in Bahama Yellow with the black fiberglass lift off hood. Guessing the original owner wanted something that would stand out. When i bought the car it was already repainted Tor Red. Wish i still had that car...
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    Powder coating bead lock rings...need color help!

    You could do red bolt heads
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    Best Jump Pack for our Trucks?

    Looks like they recommend the GB50 for anything over 6.0L gas. Some good deals to be had today on Amazon.
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    Maxxis Razr AT's on a PW

    Oops, i think i fixed it..
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    Maxxis Razr AT's on a PW

    These are also on my short list. 18/32 tread depth. We got 7" of snow yesterday and the stock Duratrac are starting to get a little sketchy in the snow with only 24000 on them. I also want to step up to 35"
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    Maxxis Razr AT's on a PW

    yes I found Summit has the 35" in stock @ $320 a tire. Not crazy money, but would like to stay around $300 The closest dealer to me is in Iowa or Wisconsin. My local tire guy says he can get anything, may have to see what kind of price he can get.
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    Maxxis Razr AT's on a PW

    Sorry for more tire confusion. Anyone try these on a PW? I see they come in a 35 x 11.5 x 17 E load range and snow peak cert.
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    Great deal on AEV Saltas.

    Oops, didn't see the specific note for those wheels. Guess they are worried that the 400 degree oven temp for powder coating effecting the T6 heat treat on the wheels. To go to T7 you would need 400 for like 2-5 hours. Guess they just being safe. May just have to paint them then.
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    Great deal on AEV Saltas.

    Didn't read anything about painting wheels voiding there limited warranty on their web site. I guess I could just go flat black like they already do.. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Great deal on AEV Saltas.

    Couldn't pass up that price. Just ordered a set from Offroad Power Products. I see AEV also has them for sale but no free shipping. Now to decide on what color to Powder Coat them when they get here...
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    powerwagon body swap

    I'm working on a 41 Dodge truck. I wanted all Mopar so i did a 98' Dakota swap. It is a regular cab short box with the 5.2 v8. I had to move the engine back 6" to get enough room for a rad. Wheel base was 4" shorter and i took it out of the bed length.
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    New to me 2018 Power Wagon. Spend my money!

    Looks good. Still waiting to see how the stock tires handle the MN winters. I do hate that they are 33". Will probably go 35's next. Still need it to fit in the garage..